Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Trashy Town Rock Star!

One of the boys most favorite books to read is called: "Trashy Town" . When we first started to read it, I thought it was so weird and I actually put it up on the shelf for a few months. However, our garbage man ( is that politically correct to say?) is a legendary ROCK STAR that comes to our neighborhood twice a week! Since they were about 12 months they really started to be interested in looking at Garbage Trucks and love when our garbage man comes. It is hysterical because they boys go NUTS when they hear him coming. Our garbage man is so sweet and I think he really likes that he is a rock star in this household. We even know his name...Miguel. You are probably thinking this is weird right? But Miguel is just a nice guy, hardworking guy with a smelly job. We are the ONLY house where he gets out of his truck and brings our cans up to our garage. Even, in the rain he does this. The boys wait for him and stand by the door and wave. Whenever they hear a loud truck ... they shout.."Miguel here, Miguel here". Again- weird right but I think it is cool that they like someone who is truly doing a challenging smelly job and one day will learn to respect all careers and that it doesn't matter what someone does but how they treat others. My whole point of this was the book " Trashy Town".

If you don't have it - its a pretty funny book. We have substituted Mr. Gilley (the man character) to Miguel. The song (or at least we sing it) is " Dump It In, Stomp It Down, Drive Around This TrashyTown"!

It's quite catchy and even some of our family members have commented they sing this when they see garbage trucks now. Here is a photo of the boys waiting to see Miguel!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Annoying Things People Have Said To Me About Twins

I hope this post does not offend anyone but I wanted to write some of the most annoying things people have said or asked me about the boys (don't worry..if you asked, I don't remember who said what...part of having twin brain)! People are FASCINATED by twins and sometimes it can just be really annoying hearing the same questions over...and over...and over again.

1.) Are they twins? This was asked when they were newborns when they were in those matching newborn car seats that snapped into a double stroller....yes all matching..are you serious? I have a double stroller, same car seats, same outfits and they are both tiny babies. If they asked now..well I would get it because they look as different as night and day.

2.) Once people confirm that you have twins, random strangers proceed immediately to tell me whoever they know that have twins, whether it was a great uncle's cousin , a teacher or three neighbors down a street. Honestly, I really don't care unless you are a twin or a parent of twins and can give me some great tips!

3.) Are they fraternal or identical? Okay, so when they were younger, yes I could see that question but now that they are older.....do you know what that question even means? Nicolas is about 1 inch taller, curly hair, green eyes where Christian has baby blue eyes, blond pin straight hair. I actually had one person say to me AFTER I said fraternal - they responded with- Are you sure? Am I sure...hummmm..I am the mom of course I am sure!

4.) Did you get pregnant with twins naturally? What!!!! Hello- nice to meet you - will you be telling me about your gyn process and do you really want to hear about my process of getting pregnant? Which often there is not time to answer because I get that "rapid fire question" immediately after "Do twins run in your family"? I have always said: "I don't know"! That leaves them stomped! I say that because its true.. I don't know because the boys are the 6th set of twins from both sides of my family and I did take Clomid (smallest dose there is), 1 time. So who knows...who cares - I have two beautiful boys!

5.) "It must be hard".."You must have your hands full". Yes, yes and yes...please do not remind me - I am trying to get through the day.

6.) "Oh..Double Trouble or Oh..Double The Blessings" - please just don't say that to me......

7.) "I could never do it" - what would you do then.....give one away?

8.) What do you do when they cry at the same time? - ummm.. let's see..what does every mom try to do, sooth their child or else I join in with them!

9.) Do you tend to favor one or have a favorite? Would you seriously ask a mother that of her child?

10.) Lastly...I absolutely can't stand when someone asks me which one is the dominant twin? I do talk about that with family or close friends...meaning that I talk about who seems to be doing a certain activity more than the other at this particular time. I think when someone asks me that question it annoys me because of the word "dominant"- what is that supposed to mean from the person asking...is one stronger than the other? Is one more aggressive? Is one more assertive? Does that mean one is weaker? You can see why I hate it. Don't get me wrong I do talk about it with my husband, close friends or family but it is on my terms when I want to discuss it!

One of the absolute BEST statements anyone has ever made to me that I loved, loved, loved was from our pediatrician and he said to Ken and I at our first appointment:
Twin parents get a automatic pass to heaven! They could do almost anything wrong and they would still get into heaven! Boy, did that make me feel good, not only the fabulous vision of heaven but knowing he totally got what it was like having twins without putting that negative spin on it of how hard it truly can be at times!

I know that I always want to teach my children, that there are no stupid questions out there..that's how we learn. So, I "try" to remember that when people ask me these questions, I smile and Ken and I have a good laugh about it that night. I know they are not trying to be annoying, stupid or silly...I think they are truly just interested and want to connect somehow.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Then and Now!

Today Nicolas feel asleep in the car and he ALWAYS wakes up when we get him out. He was so tired that he kept sleeping on Kens shoulder in the chair, then they went and laid down in bed and he still didn't wake up! This has not happened since he was a baby and boy do we miss that - all the snuggles. It it crazy to see how much he has grown in two years and how tall he has gotten!
Then: At 9 Weeks Old
Now: 2 Years Old Then: 6 Weeks OldNow: 2 Years OldChristian Desperately Wanted In On The Action And Was Determined To Get Up On The Bed For Snuggles! Then: 4 Weeks OldNow: 2 Years Old Watching The World Cup
(so bummed USA eliminated today)
Christian kept yelling out dramatically "Aghhh" or "Missed" when a ball was kicked toward the goal! Wow...how much things change in two years! The snuggles I wish would never change!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fathers Day - To Ken and My Dad

What a happy- happy - proud dad! This was our second father's day with the boys! What a difference a year makes. The boys kept running up to Ken and giving him hugs and kisses. We had a really low key day this year and Ken got to teach the boys a few cool activities that would make any dad proud. He is such a great dad.He does everything for these guys and brings a nice "calmness" to our daily whirlwind of life. All he wanted for Father's Day was to be with us and to be able to watch some golf while the boys took their snooze. I made him a video of all the special moments and photos I captured the past two years to music. It was a hit! After the boys took their nap, we headed to the park for all the exploring and teaching which included : hockey, baseball, seashells and teeter-tatter. (Is that the right spelling)? Thanks Ken for always being there and doing so much for us! I love that you simply just LOVE your family so much and you can see that in your eyes!

I do feel bad though because I was moody in the morning - I swore not to be but Father's Day has been bitter-sweet for me the past two years. A few weeks before the boys were born, my dad suddenly passed away. It's all those dreams I had of my dad coming to see the boys, play with the boys, fish with the boys were gone in a second. He was so excited about our pregnancy and came over all the time during my pregnancy to keep me company while I was on bed rest. My relationship with my dad really developed over the past 10 years and I felt so close to him those last years. I always visited him and stayed with him during the summers when I was younger and in college but once I moved back to Florida, I really got a chance to have a father/daughter relationship that I am so thankful for. It just sucks that he isn't here.

I can remember one of my last conversations with him, it was right after we had that New Baby Class at the hospital and they had educated us on SIDS and second hand smoke. My dad had planned on helping me when the boys were going to be born, he didn't work so our plan was he was going to be here everyday. I called him in a panic after the class and said neurotically...."Dad, you have to keep several sets of clothes at my house that we can wash because if you go outside to have a cigarette - when you come back in- you can't hold the baby unless you shower and change clothes. It increases the chances of SIDs - okay"?! I didn't want to hurt his feelings about it and he sweetly said to me very calmly " Jod - I will just quit, I need to anyway and what a perfect time - I am going to quit for the babies, you and me!" Two days later he passed away from a massive heart attack.

So this year it was like my heart was being tugged at in all directions. I was filled with joy for Ken, our family, filled with joy for all our grandpa's and filled with joy from all the great, funny memories of my dad. Not having him here physically, getting to hug us and talk to us is the part that really tugs my heart the other way. You always wish you had more time, to say those important things you didn't get to say that you MEANT to say. I was more moody about it this year because reality is setting in and I am not as much on survival mode now that the boys are getting older. He really isn't here and really isn't here to have dinner with us on such a special day. It really hit me in the morning when I actually went to pick up the phone after I got dressed and I thought - Let me call Dad and see what is going on.

So Dad.... I know how much you loved me and how much you loved Kenny and that you were so excited to see him as a dad! The pictures below of Ken and the Seashells remind me of the first time you took me to the beach! Traditions and memories will still be passed on, even though you are not here. I love you so much, more than ever and we all miss you so much. I miss your fishing stories, I miss your boat stories, I miss your "Mr. McGoo" humor, I miss feeling your beard when you reached in to give me a hug, I miss your cologne and I miss your calls saying : "Hey Jod- whats going on"? When you look down on us Dad, smile because you can see that I married a wonderful man who is such a sweet loving sole, who loves his family and who will pass on so many of the things you once loved (especially fishing!) :)

Ken....you are a role model father. You put your children's needs and your families need before yours always without complaining, you give them hugs, kisses, you teach them, you pray with them, listen to them, laugh with them and just love them. You are teaching our boys all of the things that are so important in life. You are setting the character foundation for the boys so that they too will grow to be kind, loving, successful individuals and for that, I can never thank you enough! Nicolas realizing there are Ants in the seashells!
Going to watch some hockey!
Learning about Baseball and running the bases!Learning how fun a Teeter -Tatter is! Just having fun and making memories with dad!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


These guys are so expressive....especially when it comes to the YMCA! We decided it would be a great idea to put the boys into a nice faith-based nursery school to get some interaction with other kids, without mom. Little did we know nursery school follows the same schedule as the academic school year and there are CRAZY long waiting lists for next year.

So....in the interim, we decided to join the YMCA. A great solution for the summer right? The kids get a new activity in the "Kids Zone", I get a workout to help me stay balanced and it is a air-conditioned activity. I even started thinking...humm...maybe I will use that time at the gym to get ready for the day and actually blow dry my hair at their facilities and be ready to tackle the day.

Well..it's been two weeks and it sucks. School is out and there is probably like 30 kids in there at once with 3-4 adults. It is just a holding cell for kids.

I hate them being away from me. We all have separation anxiety - I think mine is just as bad! Everyone keeps assuring me that they (we) will get used to it. I know it takes time but in the meantime, how do you get used to your kids saying in a anxious sad voice on the way there : "No Y- ma ma- no Y" "Don't like". Then, when I drop them off it is shear TERROR. They are okay for a few minutes, then they just seem to get lost in the sea of kids. They also seem to panic and are freaked out they are in a place without me with strangers. I guess that would be scary for any kid that is not used to being without their mom. It kills me and I hate it. I thought maybe after two weeks it would get easier but it hasn't. I almost think - is it worth it? Today was better but it still was not fun.

Here are just a few of the weird random separation anxiety thoughts I have to give you an idea :
-What if their allergies flare up because of to many dust mites?
-Why is that kid in this room that is coughing up a lung?
-What if they get sick from these other people - how am I going to deal with two sick kids at once again?
-Are they giving them enough eye contact and nurture?
-What if some weird freak takes them?
and it goes...on and on....... During my work-out I continiously stare down the hall where they are....trying to watch every move of everyone walking in that direction. Even though there are like three walls between the cardio machines and the Kids Zone. Crazy - I know.

For the boys to just bust out in tears without me there to comfort them is the hardest. Aghhh! I know I am the one that has to over come the separation anxiety first and lead the boys....because who on earth wants their kids to ever be terrified?

Well..here are a couple sweet photos of the boys reading their Thomas "I SPY" book that they love before bed.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Mr. Potato Head

I know I should be working on my resumes for clients but I have been in such a "tired" funk and when I write something on the boys blog, for some reason it makes me so happy and gives me the energy to get up and get working again. So here is a quick post!
Mr. Potato head is one of the most simple but best toys for all the moms out there! It let's them be creative, imaginative and keeps them entertained! Except, they love wearing the pieces or try to incorporate it into their outfits! Yesterday, Christian brought out Mr. Potato Head's Blue shoes and tried to put them on because it looked like his blue Croc's.
These photo's below had to go on....just because!
My little workman! Why the blanket under the hat...well.. to keep the sweat out of his eyes from working so hard of course!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bright and Beautiful

My grandmother (the boys great - grandma) came up with a great idea for a beautiful gift to give any child! Hallmark makes these large board books where you can record your voice reading the book to a child. It is fabulous because your child will forever know that person's voice for a life time. My grandmother bought the book "Bright and Beautiful" and she and my mom read the book together (rotating pages) to the boys. You can lock the voices so that they can never be re-recorded. I love the fact that my mom and grandma read it together and they each gave a personal message to the boys. The only down side is Christian had a COMPLETE meltdown when it wasn't his turn to read it (which I had to capture in a snap shot because it simply shows how much he loves this book- I promise, I would never exploit my son's sadness). Essentially, it was four generations reading together (great grandma, grandma, myself and the boys)! How cool is that!

Grandma's reading it at Great Grandma's- why in her bedroom ? It was the only place where it was quiet enough with all 15 of us there.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Family comes to town!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE when family comes to town and especially when they stay with us! This past month we had so many come into town- it was fabulous! Not only do we love hanging out but I get so many breaks which I desperately need to keep up with these two little guys.

I love that I have a huge family (7 brothers and sisters - my youngest sister is 12) but I hate that I don't live right next to them! I really miss having all of them near, especially having sisters that are the perfect age for babysitting!

Last week, my mom came down with my three of my sisters and brother! The boys loved every moment of it! My mom was in her glory, she has always been the "children type" - hence having 6 kids and working as a teacher's aid for years. Honestly, I don't know how she did it - and she never ever complains about how tired or hard it is/was and is a calm, quiet person by nature. Nothing like me, right? She has been a great sounding board and always seems to have the right thing to say when I am at my wits end.

For example, last week I called her: "Mom, they are driving me crazy with the tantrums and wanting to do EVERYTHING themselves. Is it something I am doing wrong that they are always it time out - is this normal"? Very calmly, she says to her panicked daughter - "Honey, they are two - of course it is normal. Haven't you heard of the terrible twos -its all a phase, they are testing their boundaries and learning".

Oh.....that's right! Whenever I feel like I am going nutz with these little guys, I keep trying to remember that. She jumped right in when she was here and started reading to the boys, playing ball and hide and seek.
I love the photo below of Nicolas - he has this hysterical face of joy.
Mama citas! Cousin Donny (Kens cousin) came in for a visit this month as well. I haven't seem him in 9 years, so it was great that he could see the boys!
Aunt Di- Di (Kens sister) came to visit for a few days and I was in absolute joy. She is always so much fun and a burst of sunshine. It was great having her stay with us - we are blessed because she gets to come more frequently and is a HUGE help when she is here.
Having a family meal for Ken's Birthday!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fire Station

Today, my friend Tanya made a private appointment for the boys to go to the Fire Station and see all the trucks and gear. It was a day I will never forget, seeing the joy and wonder of the boys! The firemen were so great with all eight boys and really let them explore the station and all the trucks. It was the kind of day that I appreciate and know how blessed I am to be able to stay at home with them and experience the "firsts". Thanks dad for working so hard.

Christian on the ambulance! He jumped right up - our future fireman?
Maybe Nicolas will be a fireman - picking up the hose and trying to figure it out
Christian up on the truck, listening to everything he was learning

Nicolas a little freaked out because someone over the radio was reporting in and the lights went on!
Wow these hats are heavy -never knew that!Poor Christian leaning to the left
The ladies and our little men! How are we going to top this weekly play date?
Christian deciding he wants to wear the fireman hat - watch his progression of wonder!