Friday, July 31, 2009

Dancing Boys

I am a great fan of music and dance, so needless to say there is always music and dancing going on in this household. I pretty much have come up with a song for everything in their life- even brushing their teeth- probably overkill. Sometimes we listen to jazz, classical rock, classical, 70's, nursery ryhmnes and yes, even rap/dance.

Actually their favorite song is from a cuban background and it is called "Suavemente" by Elvis Crespo - that my girlfriend Brianna had introduced them to from her wedding CD ( A GREAT SONG!!) We play this one all the time and when this song comes on, they will stop what they are doing and break out in a bounce, clap real fast and shake their heads- especially Nicolas. Some of you may remember when they were about 10 months old, I caught the first video of them doing the "baby boy dance"....I will attach below. Recent video is of Christian while he was eating, I turned on the radio and he immediately started bouncing ( I feel bad that Nicolas hasn't had a feature starred cameo on the blog yet...but he will soon). Their favorite nursery song is "When your happy and you know it." They got the "clapping" and "hooray" part down but we are still getting the stomp your fee. Our friend Nathan said he has always wanted to see the "hip-hip-hooray" move make a comeback, maybe these little guys will bring it back!LOL!

Christian at 14 months:

When Your Happy and You Know It!

10 month old- dancing!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Great Grandparents

There is nothing in this world like grandparents, especially the wonderful gift of having great grandparents. I am so fortunate and blessed that my grandparents live close to me and have been able to be with my boys and give them the love that I have always treasured from them. Here are some cute photos of them together and two videos of my grandparents singing songs that I remember them singing to me and my sister when we were little!

Short Poem on Great Grandparents:

  • I like to walk with Grandpa or Grandma,
  • Their steps are short like mine.
  • They don't say "Now hurry up!"
  • They always take their time.
  • Most people have to hurry, They do not stop and see, "Unrushed" and young like me.

These first photos are of my Grandma ( my mom's - mom) and Christian. This was Christian's first solo road trip with me to go visit gram. It was so much fun and so great to see them together! Gram my not appreciate being seen in her "nighty" but the photos of her with him are priceless to me.

The next set are the boys visiting my other Grandparents. The boys get to spend more time with them because they live in the same town. They call them the "sunshine boys"!

What are Grandparents made of?
Hope and pride, pure joy inside
Warm hugs and kisses, shooting star wishes
Tickles and fun, a sprinkle of sun
Hands to hold, hearts of gold...

That's what Grandparents are made of
Tales from the past, memories to last
Laps for reading. "I love you" greetings
Wisdom to teach, always in reach
Toys galore, eyes that adore...

That's what Grandparents are made of

Patience and time, trees to climb
Baby photos in frames, childhood games
Bragging rights, sleep over nights
Comforting arms, magical charms...

That's what Grandparents are made of
Kindness and care, affection to share
Heart-to-heart talks, unhurried walks
Faith and trust, spoiling a must
Endless love, a gift from above... That's what Grandparents are made of!

Our Boys First Hair Cut

The boys had their first hair cut three weeks ago! It was so much better than I anticipated. I had vision's of knock down tantrums and scissors swiping ears off! This place was so cool. It is called Lil Divas and Dudes. The set up was amazing, the boys had a car to drive, a video of Baby Einstein playing while the hairdresser was cutting and me blowing bubbles for them! I was really torn because Nicolas has a full head of curls and I wasn't sure if I should cut. Once she cut it, it got even curlier so I was so excited about that! I was a little sad because now they look like true toddlers and not my little babies. All in all- this place is the best for little kids hair cuts, I only hope next time will be as fun because they already need a new cut!!

Kids Summer Activities For Cabin Fever

Summer in Florida is probably comparable to up north in the winter because it is so hot you can't do anything outside unless you are in the water - hence the word "CABIN FEVER"! With two - 1 year old's that means I am trapped inside all day because I can't let them run around at typical places that most people can like the park, aquarium, museum, mall, beach and such places because there are two running in different directions. We do go to these places when I am by myself (except the beach) but it seems like they are always in their strollers. On the weekends with Ken or if a friend stops over during the week, we always go somewhere where the boys can run and explore. point is, I have cabin fever and so do the boys. My friends with twins are in the same boat and we are trying to come up with activities to do. If anyone has an idea let me know!!

We have tried:
  • building forts with a blanket
  • playing with boats in baby pool
  • making a music band with the shakers and songs
  • coloring ( no so great - everything goes in the mouth)
  • and basically anything you can think of inside.
Here, we made a t- shirt for Ken on Father's day.

I think I am going to try something with edible play dough.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Monkey See- Monkey Do Literally!

Here are a few things the boys are doing this week:

Just Twin Things:
  • Learned to work together as a team to get Onion Powder out of child proof lock cabinet. Needless to say onion powder EVERYWHERE including in their mouths!!
  • Passing the food they don't want over to the other one's tray who then drops on the ground to Rocky!
  • One will distract me in kitchen to knock down the garbage can while other in opposite direction trying to get at my computer that is UP ON TABLE!
  • Playing the chug water game- one starts chugging the water, the other spots it- puts up his water cup and starts chugging. They do this till out of breath!
  • Dancing ..aka. bouncing with butt out and shaking head. One starts, the other finishes.
  • When phone rings they both run to it and say "da-da-da-da".

Animal sounds
new this week:
  • Owl - "ewoo-ewoo"
Words this week :
  • Baby- and will go find baby photos in book to show us. Non-stop!!!
  • When they see Hawk- "Hau-Hau"
  • Brother "brah-brah"
  • Rocky-"ra-ra" instead of Daw- daw for doggy like last week.
  • Hat- "Ha-Ha"
  • Mommy instead of Ma-Ma.
  • Bye -bye with wave and Hi. ( Hi is new just today).
Can Point to:
  • Noses, Eyes, Shoulders, Ears, Feet, Toes, Outside, Trees, Specific Books if you name it they go get that book.
  • High Five/Low Five - hand slap.
  • Point up High and down low when asked.
  • Point to Light when asked.
  • Can Shake shakers when asked during songs.
  • Pretty much get any toy or animal we have out if specifically asked which one.
  • Point to "wheels" in books or on their bus, riders when asked
Favorite Song:
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider ( they TRY all motions)
  • Bunny Foo-Foo

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Past 14 Months!

I can't believe the boys are 14 months already. I thought my first blog would recapture a few of the greatest moments of the boys first year! This year has flown by! It has been so amazing to watch them change from babies to little toddlers so fast! Watching their first smiles, sitting, standing, crawling, new words and of course the "Elephant Noises" which we learned this week! I hope my future blogs will tell the day to day activities these little guys are up too. How.. I have time to do this.....well.. I guess it is my relaxation at the end of the day to wind down from the flurry of activity that occurs in a typical day in our crazy household!!
Getting ready for the big moment!!!

Finally, I have to finish with the elephant noise video Christian has learned this week. Our highlight of the week. Other than they learned to eat their peas themselves from a spoon. Yes, they actually placed one pea at a time and put it on their spoon and put to their mouth and ate!! We were shocked! But of course with that came other foods they wanted to feed themselves and hour long meals as you can only imagine with one pea or asparagus at a time! Below are just some a few photos of the past year! I promise next blog will not be so long and more about them and what they are up to and the crazy life and stories of having twin boys!