Monday, March 26, 2012


I just have to say I hate when I blog and I put spaces between paragraphs like the blog below and it will not separate...Drives me nuts. Something is up with this blog because I can never format it write, making it harder to read. Sorry about that!

Licking Cans

I met a lady with a set of 1 year old twins and she also had another child that was 4. We immediately started talking and she asked the dreaded question that ALL MOM'S of young twins ask of other moms with twins: "Does it get easier"? I really did a long pause, she must of thought I was a fruitcake but I remember when I always asked other moms who had 4, 5, 6 year old twins because I thought they have been through it and their kids were still young enough they would remember what it was like. I am talking about a 2 minute or so pause...a LONG SILENT WEIRD MOMENT Pause.
Then I pulled myself back from the flashbacks of good and hell at that age of 1. All the sweetness, all the lovable little things kids do at that age but I couldn't break the pause. I couldn't break it because I had a VERY VIVID MEMORY, a recent image of a recent trip to the public bathroom as the 3 of us were crammed into a stall. The whole time me saying "Don't do that, stop, what are you doing, come on guys that is gross, if I get to the count of 3 your not getting...".
Well, after a very weird uncomfortable pause, I could tell she was on a cliff hanger..just waiting to hear what I would say and all I could muster up was "Ya know, it certainly does in so many ways, but to be honest with you it comes and goes in phases, but going to the public restrooms at this age sucks". All I could think about was how taking twins to a public restroom now at this age SUCKS when one is licking the freaking tampon garbage can, the other is pushing/pulling any button in the stall, picking under the stall at their neighbor, saying very embarrassing things, opening the door on me when I need privacy. I have no idea why the heck that vision came to my head when she asked me.
Then I quickly regrouped (again another weird pause) ."Okay, yes it gets easier, it is so much fun watching them play together, it is so much fun that you don't have to chase both of them in different directions at parks now, it is so much fun going places with them and easier physically.
Side note...this photo (yes again they are in PJ's) Christian helped Nicolas with something and Nicolas ran over to him to give him a big bear hug on his own.
Back to my story:
Thankfully, I saw my girlfriend walking up to us who has twins the same age and I decided to pass it over to her. I said to the lady..."Oh here comes my friend, she will tell you what it is like ( knowing that my girlfriends twins are very similar to my guys and she knows the joys of it and knows the hard parts of it) . Knowing my girlfriend gets desperate like me when we are dealing with a specific problem that comes up with kids the same age (Basically the fighting / tantrums) and knowing she had a shitty day yesterday with her kids fighting I thought for sure she would have that same pause..... Nope. Not at all. I looked like a ass. My friend said."Oh it's just wonderful". I just started laughing and said, " WONDERFUL - you just called me last night because the fighting was going to put you in a mental health facility". You want to describe that part as easy and wonderful??
We all started laughing because my friend said..."Well yeah Jody, I don't want to freak her out..having twins is hard as hell at any age, it is just different things are harder and different things are wonderful, its all phases".
BINGO!! It goes in phases some days are so easy with 2 little guys the same age, other days it is hard as hell. Lots of phases. I just wish "WONDERFUL" was my first thought / reaction instead of my demented thought of my children licking the garbage cans in the public restroom. Yes..Yes..she is right, it is wonderful, it is fantastic and I wouldn't want it any other way!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Can we drive home?

Aunt Di-Di was in town this weekend! We headed down to grandpa's for a weekend trip. Other than lack of sleep and Ken being sick (which by the way- the combination of both of those two things SUCK) it was a weekend filled with swimming, FOOD , cocktails and the boy's BIG surprise! Grandpa is the King of presentations and he wanted to do an "early" birthday weekend since Aunt Di-Di was in town. He set up the table outside the garage in the blazing sun. Boys were so confused wondering why the hell we were outside in the heat eating our birthday cupcakes instead of swimming but then......WHAMMO...grandpa hit the garage door open!!! It was worth the 10 minutes of scorching heat for this presentation. I tried to capture their faces but it doesn't do it any justice. Just the way grandpa set it up, opened the garage and the boys saw their new presents. The great part was Rich was there (our police officer) and Christian got a police car so it was a whole weekend was filled of making fun of Rich and Christian being on donut runs!! The boys also asked if they could drive them home on the highway.
Why are we sitting in the sun Grandpa when we could be swimming? PRESTO... THE GATES OPEN TO PURE BLISS
HAD A GREAT TIME MAKING FUN OF RICH...Labeled the car from the city he works in. Named Christian "Captain Donut" and had Christian go out on donut runs for us.
Let me just say...I wanted to drive these things. Once I got past my heart palpitations at how fast they drive, visions of them flipping over as they did donuts in the grass and crashing...I was game. Christian's has a microphone that works. He kept saying "Breaker 1-9, Breaker 1-9, we have a emergency need to get the donuts". Nicolas's has a little radio in it that actually seeks for real channels and plays on occasion. It is hysterical. I tried to fit rocky on the back of Nicolas's Ford 150 but it didn't work out so well.... One last comment...Nicolas DOES NOT LIKE TO BE PULLED OVER BY THE POLICE FOR A TICKET. The war starts between them!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Rocky Roonie

I quickly snapped this photo last week and I think it speaks for itself. Showing the bond my kids have with our Doggy Rocky...A.K.A. Rocky Roonie. This dog has been through the works with the boys but has come along way. He is old now, gray and it brings a tear to my eye seeing him age. I can remember when we almost had to get him a new home when the boys were 18 months because he was so nervous with the boys and our household of baby gates. Now, it's different. Don't get me wrong just last night I was complaining how much easier it would be if this dog wasn't going through the house trashing it when we leave. He gets so anxious when we are away and this week has learned how to OPEN closed doors to tear into the garabage cans. Yep, my Rocky Roonie. He adds about an additional extra 20 minutes of clean up work each day with the crap he gets into but I love him and I love him for loving the boys and sticking it out. This picture makes me keep it in perspective and that it is worth all the work because he is part of the family and is work right?
On a side note...yes my kids seem to always be in PJ's. They love wearing them to naptime nowadays so they spend their afternoons in jammy's. A habit I have to break!

Spring Break Baby!!

This week our school system is on spring break. Just the words "Spring Break" fills me with excitement. Although..(gulp).... I am going to be 40 next month, it still is exciting. It used to be because I knew I was going to get tan, work on getting blond, be with friends, sleep, relax and have a few cocktails along the way- yes..yes mama has a party past. That was pre-kids.

Now the excitement is different because of the kiddo's. All our friends are on break so it means lots of planning and hangouts with friends they haven't seen in a while, as well as their other buddies. We are planning on hitting the beach as much as possible. This will be the first time I take them 100% by myself , another GULP. So, I guess in a sense I get some of the same excitement because I get to be with friends, no pressured schedules, do fun stuff with kiddos, get tan cocktails (well, maybe later in the evening). For our first day of spring break we ventured out to the movies and saw "Lorax" and then had lunch with some buddies and Daddy. It was so cute to see the boys so excited to see their friends Nate and Jake who they haven't seen in months because of opposite school schedules. Going to the movies with them is so fun at this age and a lot easier than last time we went. Christian could hold down his seat and Nicolas wasn't as restless. Although, about 1 hour into it he said: "Is it almost over, I'm bored". They are getting to be such big boys. As long as there is popcorn, they are happy!! Tomorrow, probably park or pool then beaching it the rest of the week.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Grunt Much?

If only when you were sick as a mom...your children would say this to you (above - sorry its hard to read).

I just asked Nicolas jokingly when he came upstairs to see me..."Can you make all my meals tomorrow and clean the house buddy"? He thought about it seriously and smiled then said.. "But your the meal maker mommy and I can't reach". I am the meal maker, does that sum it up?

Thankfully, I have been able to sit in bed all day as daddy fills in but I still have the guilt because I am not downstairs helping daddy out and I am up here writing on my blog and doing resumes. BUT my throat hurts so bad that I don't want to be downstairs to talk to anyone! Nope not AT ALL. I have a fever, I am a crankass and I can't sleep because I took damn daytime cold medicine again by mistake which makes me WIRED plus I slept for 10 hours last night. Tomorrow is Monday so I need this damn daytime medicine to wear off ASAP so I can get some sleep. I can deal with colds, stuffed noses, headaches but I HATE these sore throats because with twin toddlers you get A WHOLE LOT of questions to answer and they don't take "I don't know" or grunts for answers. If only moms could Grunt like cavemen when we were sick it would make recovery faster - wonder what my kids would do if I took up grunting while my throat hurts?

Windy Day

We woke up this morning and yet another thing happened with our house- one side of our fence blew over last night during the wind storm. I heard it crack and for some reason in my blissful sleep I thought it was my neighbors tree. Come on really??? Strange things have been occurring with this house over the past few months and it is starting to freak me out.

We had someone attempt to break in last month. 2 nights ago our air handler (yes our new AC unit) leaked through the ceiling to leave a lovely large brown spot on our kitchen ceiling.
We had our back yard burned off because it was covered with weeds and it now looks HORRIBLE. Lastly.....our front porch light caught on fire last weekend.

However, looking on the bright side of things, the boys are safe and they to truly enjoy the wind and fly their kites!!!! I am so bummed because I am in bed right now with a sore throat and I wanted to be part of this fun activity but Ken snapped a few cute photos.