Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Kindergarten Here We Go!

Here we go! Kindergarten for the boys and I am homeschooling!  What a special year, although I have been crying all summer about it (not that we are homeschooling and I will be in a straight jacket) but weepy because these little guys are going from the sweet little preschoolers to school kids. We are so excited, although I am slightly nervous about being able to teach them grammar, especially when all our first day photo's I spelled "KINDERGARTEN" wrong! Ken says I need to cap the homeschooling thing at 1st grade! Lol! We are 2 days into it and so far so good. It is fun putting everything together but let me tell you the compromise: A VERY MESSY HOUSE - VERY! Which I can not stand, in fact it makes me crazy. This is going to be the part I have to accept and know a messy house is a very good trade for spending quality time with my little munchkins!

I made Class of 2026 Adult T-Shirts to have them try on each year when school starts and watch them grow into the shirts~

Spelled Kindergarten Wrong~