Friday, October 9, 2009

The boys

Sleepy head Nicolas- down to one nap a day- they pass out for around 2-3 hours! Missing that morning nap though!

Christen curious as always!

"Tickolas" Nicolas (because he is always laughing especially when being tickled) before we cut his curls off.

Buddies in Australia

When I was pregnant with the boys I was always on the computer because I was on bed rest most of my pregnancy. Anyways, I had joined a twin web/posting for people with twins all over the world and I formed a bond with some of the moms expecting twins at the same time as the boys. I know it probably sounds weird but I developed a cool relationship with a family in Australia and we have stayed in touch and help each other with ideas. They have two fraternal boys and I feel like I know them so well, even though we are half way around the world! Gotta love the world of computers. I don't know why I wanted to blog about that but I love to look at their blog and see what cool things they are doing in Australia, especially with their beautiful boys Ethan and Benjamin! Check out their blog- it is so cute.