Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cranky 10 For Tuesday..Er 13

Oh my lord am I a CRANK-ASS right now. I am posting hoping to vent and it will be gone. Let me just post why....please don't read if you don't want to hear my vent!

1.) I just got 3 resumes this week - yes I should be happy, feeling blessed and frankly right now I need to be writing them but I can not focus "intellectually" with this tornado going on in my brain. I am in what I like to call "Shut-down" mode.

2.) Kids kind of cranky from being in house so much because they have been sick. My kids are physical so that means they walk up to me and they will just push(headbutt) my butt, stomach, legs and try to get me to chase them when they need that physical activity. Not in the mood for that one today.

3.) I am sick, Ken is sick....

4.) I took some kind of cold medicine today, hoping it would help and it is making my mind race and I feel like a lunatic but I still want to sleep it off. Making me feel like I can't keep my head up and it is making me want to cry. I hate day time cold medicines, reason I never take them.

5.) Boys have watched way to much TV today but I really do not want to play at all today. I actually haven't been able to think of any activities to do with them and we are all just bored.

6.) I have been sleep deprived this week, I don't know how I ever did it when they were babies.

7.) My grandpa is in hospital and we found out he will never be coming home. Probably my biggest factor in being a crank-ass.

8.) I have to still pack for NY and get house ready and we have less than 36 hours. AND I still sit here and blog instead. Why? I am lazy today, pissed, sick, miserable, shut down mode and having a pity party.

9.) Our flight is at 6 am and I will have to be up by 2:45-3 am to get ready and get kids up...not wanting to do that.

10.) I don't feel like cooking today, cleaning, taking care of sick kids, working on resumes, getting house ready, bills paid before we leave, pack, wrap presents. Pity party. Have you just ever felt angry or pissy for no reason? That is how I feel ...well I have some reason. GRR!

11.) Kids only slept 40-45 minutes nap so I only got part of resume done and all 3 are due tomorrow...I just want to sleep. Each take about 4 hours to do, even longer when I can not think. Even with a double espresso coffee and 2 cups of regular coffee I can not imagine doing anything else but sleeping when Ken gets home or mindless things like doing this blog! Tomorrow is going to be insane.

12.) Painters didn't show up today for our house AGAIN. Double GRRR.

13.) I must say though, the kids are being sweet with "trying" to be good with all of us sick. Even with them cranky, I still want to lay on the couch and cuddle with them.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Concert

We wish everyone a great Christmas! This is the first year we didn't do xmas cards so I wanted to say an "Official Merry Xmas" to everyone. Unfortunately, we didn't get any cute photos of Christian from the Christmas school concert because he is sick (which we all now have gotten-blah) but hoping the worse will be over with before you leave for our winter vacation to NY Thursday. The kids did the "Reindeer Hokey-Pokey" which was so cute!

Nicolas didn't want to go to school without Christian and Christian didn't want to stay home without Nicolas. When Nicolas got home from school it was like a reunion of seperated long lost brothers and they couldn't stop hugging each other.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday - Monday

Have you ever heard the song "Monday Monday" from the movie Big Chill, sung by Mama's and PaPa's? Ironic name of the group right? It seems every Monday morning right before Ken leaves for work I start singing this song by the time he leaves. It has actually become a routine and makes us laugh but actually the kids tend to act up A LOT because their weekends are usually pretty fun and exciting with both of us home. In fact, I am still here in my PJ's ~ drained!

It is a funny song because it is so sarcastic of Mondays!

The first thing I heard from the kids as I was waking up this morning was:

Kids: "Dad are we going to school today"?

Ken : "No"..

Boys: "Ohhh" - but in a let down voice.

Kids: "Dad is it a work day or are you home"?

Ken: I have to go to work. Boys " Ohhh" in a let down voice. Then silence- nothing about mom, no yipees ..nothing but "Dad can you play with us before you go". Ken the hero- "Sure guys"!!!

I stumbled out of bed into the living room with my coffee in hand, cobwebs in the brain, crazy hair and....

Me: "Monday..Monday" (song with a smile)

Me: "Jeez what does that say about staying home with mommy"? Am I that lame? boring? Mean? I do everything with these kids.

Me: "Monday Monday" song again .

Just like the song, my first hour of Mondays are good, then just as the song progresses so does my day. For example, today my diamond necklace got ripped from my neck during a tantrum and we had to hunt for the diamonds. If you have never heard the song here is the song and lyrics and for all you moms out there- YOU WILL GET IT!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h81Ojd3d2rY Even if you just listen to the first two parts and get the beat of it, you will see what I hum through out the day.

Wish every Monday Morning looked as happy as this one! I actually am smiling and reading to them at breakfast!

Monday Monday, so good to me, Monday Monday, it was all I hoped it would be.Oh Monday morning, Monday morning couldn't guarantee that Monday evening you would still be here with me.

Monday Monday, can't trust that day, Monday Monday, sometimes it just turns out that way. Oh Monday morning, you gave me no warning of what was to be. Oh Monday Monday, how you could you leave and not take me.

Every other day, every other day, Every other day of the week is fine, Yeah. But whenever Monday comes, but whenever Monday comes..you can find me cryin' all of the time. Monday Monday, so good to me, Monday Monday, it was all I hoped it would be.

Oh Monday morning, Monday morning couldn't guarantee That Monday evening you would still be here with me. Every other day, every other day,Every other day of the week is fine..Yeah but whenever Monday comes, but whenever Monday comesYou can find me cryin' all of the time...

Monday Monday.....

I don't actually cry though :) - Video is actually pretty funny : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h81Ojd3d2rY

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Okay....so I have been so again "Pinterest" haters list since I first saw it. I thought it was annoying with too much technology overload, and kept thinking of all these people that kept saying "how busy" they were and thought who had time for this crap and I frankly didn't see the big deal. Plus, they had me on that waiting list and I got even more annoyed.

Fast forward to the past few weeks...Yes, I am loving it. Just like with how I was with Facebook a few years ago. Was a hater, now a lover. I am seeing all these cool things people have made on Pinterest and over the past few weeks I kept asking the moms "Where did you find that one"...etc... Everyone kept saying Pinterest. Pinterest. Pinterest. Ken even got on me when I needed an idea for something and said- just go search pinterest BUT I was so confused by it. I am like that with everything technical lately. I didn't get the whole "app" thing, Itouch, Ipad...until this year. I just kept saying to Ken-" That phone is cool, I want to do that "flick" of the finger that everyone does with there phones, it looks cool and it became a joke whenever the word "app" was mentioned on a commerical. Now I get it.

Then.. yesterday I woke up to - Whalaaa- I was accepted to Pinterest!!I jumped from the table and started whooping around like I was at a dance club. "Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah...doing the fist pump". Ken just said "oh boy here we go" In fact, a few weeks ago one of Kens colleague's sent him a link from it on this idea (photo above) for me as an idea for the boys teachers!! It was great, I changed it a little and for $3.00, I now had my little gifts for the boys teacher. Can't beat that! Hey...maybe I will pin it...ha!ha!!

I am hosting the boys Xmas party at school this year and even found some cute ideas for activities to do.....but holy cow it is addicting and I do not like that, nor do I have time for it so I don't know how this is going to work out.

Last night at a party, my girlfriend said "Hey I saw you were following me and got on Pinterest" I started laughing because I felt like a stalker!! I am a stalker!! I was just in shock that when I logged on I could magically see all these people I know who were pinning stuff. Still...again..I don't get it but I "pinned" a few things. She even said to me as she whipped out her Iphone "Look there is a App for pinterest". We started laughing because I was getting all flustered as she was showing me how to use this app. But I will prevail, I will stay with technology, I will not get ancient I WILL PREVAIL!!! Ps..thanks Vanessa for the demonstration last night!

This one is so cute because it says "Thank you for helping us grow this year" . Then below it says "Love always, Nicolas and Christian". It is a live plant with a pencil and a stick-thing-a ma-gig- I made. Perfect for a teacher! So if you need a gift for your preschool teacher or anyone- pretty cool!

Naughty Or Nice??

I don't know how to schedule posts for certain days so you are in for 2 posts for today. Remove Formatting from selectionIf you have kids there is this very cool website that will send your child a video via email, a message directly to them, with their photos and at the end, it tells them if they are naughty or nice. It is called : Portable North Pole - http://www.portablenorthpole.tv/home . You upload photos, their name and put in things they have been working on. Ours is at the bottom to watch. Well, this morning when I got up I saw Ken all excited at the computer and I asked what he was up to. He said Santa is sending a message to the boys. Ken had this proud, excited look on his face like well...a little kid!

Nicolas up first- he said there BRIGHT EYED, SHOCKED Santa knew so much about him and waited to see if he was going to be on the naughty or nice list....of course Nice right ~ what demented parent would put their child on the Naughty list? Well...in this house we are all demented in SO MANY WAYS, but not in this kind of way..or I hought.

Christian up next...same thing, BRIGHT EYED, SITTING ON MY LAP with his hands crossed, answering Santa, then waiting for the answer if he was on the naughty or nice....waiting..waiting...RED LIGHTS START FLASHING and it came up NAUGHTY!! What the..... Ken hit the wrong freaking button! I quickly whipped my head around giving him the evil surprise look, Ken gave me the silent face like " Holy shit, did not mean that, I hit it wrong". Oh..then there was poor little Christian. He was so sad. He had the biggest smile waiting and waiting then he got CRUSHED. Nothing like screwing up your child about Naughty/Nice instead of teaching them about what Christmas is really about- birth of Jesus.

So what does any loving, doting mother and father do? Say.." Oh Christian, it must of been a mistake". We immediately jumped on the phone and personally called Santa on his direct hot line to let Santa know there must of been some mistake (Of course it had to happen today when yesterday he got in a ton of trouble for not sharing). We let Christian see us talk to Santa, then we got the new message...PHEWWW Santa got the wrong "Christian" and everything turned out A-okay. We even decided to take a trip to the mall to go see Santa and he was SUPER HAPPY! Oh Daddy!!! Leave Mommy or Grandma to do these things.

Here are the Videos. First I will show you the Naughty because it is kind of funny in a way. Then I will show you the nice one. They are worth watching and adorable. If you have kids- definitely a great idea to do!

Christian Naughty: http://www.portablenorthpole.tv/watch/mKzhhCiedYgqkrsU1yDBMWw

Christian Nice: http://www.portablenorthpole.tv/watch/mHV_4IUPpj9vlSfeI6Q8Sfw

Nicolas Nice: http://www.portablenorthpole.tv/watch/m_Z0n5DW8Ul9MYVgeekGUPA

Christmas Weekend !

Grandma and Bampa arranged a awesome surprise for the boys that was very cool (Thanks Gram too so I could get out and get my nails done.....loved it)! Anyways, grandma has been doing these cute activities with the boys. Last weekend, she took them out to a giant gingerbread house and lunch. This weekend she arranged a Horse and Buggy ride in our neighborhood Saturday night! Plus, Grammy baby sat for us so Ken and I could go out to a party last weekend and this weekend. Just wanted to say THANKS GRAM!!

Here are a few photo's of them walking over to the ride and going on it!

TIZ THE SEASON TO BE MERRY- loving it! Christian wondering "Where is it"? Here is comes!

It still is weird for me this whole Christmas thing in the heat of Florida...come on cold weather PLEASE COME!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gingerbread "Men"

The boys and I decided to surprise Daddy and make a Gingerbread House. This is their very first house they made. They did love decorating it, most got eaten along the way and then it turned into a game.

The game: Take the little beads, throw them at the house whatever doesn't stick has to make it into the goalie's net (a.k.a. bowl on the other side) and they win a point. Yes, they thought of this themselves and attempted to make goals (a.k.a - beaded candy all over kitchen floor while dog hunts to eat) while mommy was trying to clean up the frosting.

It turned out good. When Ken got home he was VERY IMPRESSED because he thought I put the "house foundation" and possibly thought I baked the gingerbread?? I just looked at him with my usual domesticated goddess smile and said "Oh Yes...I baked it and put it all together"... One word...PUBLIX.

Once we broke into it to eat or should I say we didn't know if it was edible (I wouldn't recommend the Gingerbread "Men" built it with bricks) the boys wanted to see all the "Gingerbread Men" living inside. They were sad to see it was empty, sad that it was like a brick but happy to eat the pure sugar Christmas trees!!! All in All - a great Xmas activity, a great tradition to start but next year I think I will bake myself!

The Starting Kit

Boys Working Hard

YUMMY! The Game Instructions- Game BeginsFinal Product