Friday, October 28, 2011

School Halloween Party

I am officially pumped about tomorrow for Halloween! The boys had their preschool Halloween party and it was so ADORABLE and fun!! I just love their little class, buddies, the moms and teachers. Helping out with the party and doing the gift baggies were such a blast. Although I was super sick and felt AGAIN on my deathbed, I was determined to volunteer and be there for my little men on their big school adventure!! Sneak preview of their costumes for tomorrow night and OH BOY let me tell you--They get it this year, we are going to be sprinting this year house to house, they just don't realize all the candy (well most) we will be handing back out to all the kids that come to our door after the boys are in bed.....IS THAT WRONG?

Trunk from one of the boys class. Alex and Christian having a "side chat"Which ended in a buddy hug.

Classroom photo

Christian some how made it to the front of the line first - on almost every trunk (car).

Dad loving the food and of course time with kids at their fiesta!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Big Boys

For some reason, I can't really seem to cry when I am happy and for some reason as I am getting older it is getting harder for me to cry unless I am super sad or if I think about someone I have loss or a family/friend tells me of something sad they are going through. A.K.A., the nice name my husband has called me "Ice Queen" when it comes to crying (not because I am a don't think??) :). Don't get me wrong I do have lots of emotions on a daily basis. Well, yesterday we had a break through - I think?? I had such moments of pure joy resulting in tears and tears of sadness at the same time when we officially took the boys cribs down and cleared out the very last little toys for our garage sale. They are growing SO SO fast. I also got sentimental when I took their Land of Nod toddler sitting chair out to the garage to sell today. I am telling you, when you finally take that crib down, for some reason it is HEART WRENCHING but to see their joy in big beds brings me such joy...hence the tears yesterday. Here is how big they are getting!! Notice how Rocky has finally opened his heart for the boys and lays between them in a protective way!

Old Nursery Went from this old bed (crib)To this big bedChristian's big bed!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Post of random things since it has been that kind of 5 days! I asked Ken to hurry and take this photo of Nicolas (above) because it was a glimpse of him still looking like my little baby that I never get to see anymore! Sometimes when he sleeps he gets into his "turtle position" - he did this all the time as a baby. I was a SID awareness maniac and the boys were not allowed to have anything in their you can see times have changed! That is actually my old Sesame Street Pillow Case that I had when I was little that I saved hoping one day my kids would use! We have to rotate it in this household because it is one thing I can not buy 2 off!! A post of random things!

1.) Our dryer caught on fire a few nights ago. The appliance company said we could still use after they fixed the melted wires, burnt interior and showed me the result of the fire. Are they crazy!! Ken is battling now with the warranty!

2.) The weather was so nice this weekend and we got to do so many outside activities, getting me excited for the change of seasons. I opened the windows and Ken said "You know it's 77 upstairs". So? I asked him what did he do when he was little growing up in the summers of NY with no AC. His response "Suffered". Fine, close the windows!! I on the other hand was on the mad dash to spray down the screens to get rid of any bugs or webs so that they could be opened.

3.) Boys have been sick the past few days----they are miserable. The whining, crankiness and lack of sleep is killing me! I told Ken today : " Maybe I am not cut out for being a housewife/stay at home mom". Just the word "house wife" makes me laugh - who uses that word anymore!!!Ken is a good husband and gave me my usual pep talk as I was venting of feeling overwhelmed by having two kids, two sick kids ALL DAY with no help. My thinking at that moment was : "I haven't cooked a great meal the past 5 days, I can't seem to keep the house neat and tidy (the mess drives me INSANE) and I can not keep up with all the appointments, calls and all that has to do with the house. Oh course I love staying home with the kids and I know I am blessed to do so but on days like the past 5 days, I feel like I want to pull every strand of hair out of my head!
4.) Ken took the boys to the Farmers Market- another great thing about the fall! Yes, Bamboo the panda is in all these photos! 5.) They don't look sick right???

6.) Haven't pulled this lug of a wagon since last year and I can not believe how heavy it is now and packed with toys for the park! I looked like I was hauling 2 tons of stone.

7.) Christian has this "natural gift when it comes to sports and gets VERY SERIOUS and focused. We went to just go hit balls and look at this kid! Nicolas on the other a normal 3 year old, gets distracted by planes, blows bubbles, likes to tease his brother and grab the bat then run but when he hits the ball, he can WHACK it hard as you see from Dad's expression below!

8.) Our dog Rocky is getting so old! He could barely keep up with the kids running. I think he took one lap and called it quits. Now this is a Rhodesian Ridgeback/Boxer mix and they USUALLY LOVE TO RUN!!

9.) The competition between them is fierce these days and I don't know what to do about it. Nicolas knows how to push Christians buttons and Christian knows how to push Nicolas's. You can see again in the photo below Christian being so serious with who will take the front lead. Who has the better shoe, who is bigger, who is faster and on...and on! It makes me crazy!10.) Our TV broke as well this week, nothing like a 22 inch TV in a spot for a 42 inch or whatever a big size is. Looks ridiculous. Ken took our TV to a repair shop. I didn't even know they existed anymore! Boys did something to the little T.V. today that I can not turn it on..GRRR.

11.) Christian got up at 5:30 am , Nicolas at 6 am....not liking that at all- however they have been napping for 3 1/2 hours. Liking that.

At 7 am Ken approached me ( I use the word approached because I hate the mornings and I hate talking until I have a few sips of coffee) and said first thing " Hey, I have a project if you need one can paint these model cars/puzzles with the boys". I just looked at him and said " Hey..I appreciate the idea but no". It's 7 am and I can not even begin to think of a messy project of painting tiny pieces.

Funny how he said that after last night I said.."Hey, I have a list of projects we need to get done, do you want me to go over which I need you to do". He responded with "No, you make a list, so you don't have to tell me, I will look at the list".

12.) Shared with Ken after the comment above " I wish I was a natural morning person and I wish I could invent a vacuum that could just suck the webs that form in my brain all night". His response.."Go take a shower, it will wake you up".

13.) I am taking on and doing a HUGE project. I am sanding and re-staining a whole bunkbed, twin bed set including a desk and head/foot boards. Feeling like I did a lot the past two nights, I proudly had Ken enter my new "Wood Work Shop" and he said "Which ones did you do"?!!! WHAT!!!

14.) I went to Lowes for advice on how to stain it properly and what should I get. The lady working looked at me matter fact and said "Stain". I started to get aggravated and asked which kind does she feel is best (with my pleasant smile) and she responded with "Any". Bitch! is the only word that came to my head in that moment but I tried again and said: "Really, which one is the best because I have this really big project for my sons room, I would appreciate any help". She responded with "Any". It is pretty poor behavior on her part and Nicolas said "Mommy, why is the lady not helping you". At that point she started helping me.

15.) The past week Christian has decided to climb out of his crib (yes I turned them back around to cribs after they broke the side rails and went crazy in their room) and Christian thinks he is a monkey. He also thinks he has permission to wake up his brother and try to get his brother out, who is not quite as coordinated and has fallen twice to only bump his head. Hence, the wood working project above.

16.) I am just plain tired. Thank god for nap time this week. However, whenever I nap I always wake up in a dizzy scrambling around trying to get things done at the last minute. Probably why I never get anything done when the kids are sick. Is it worth the nap...YES YES YES!!

17.) Christian just stubbed his toe and was crying and I just heard Nicolas say "Are you okay buddy, your okay buddy, I get hurt a lot too, I will give you baby bird- you'll feel better, do you feel better buddy?" SO CUTE!!!

18.) I love having twins!

19.) I feel stupid that the kids know how to work an "App" on their I-touch/I-pod (whatever it is called) when I couldn't work it.