Monday, June 11, 2012

Vacation Bible School

This I feel right now......   
                                   for the love of God!!                                      
I put the boys in vacation bible school camp this week, which I am volunteering in their class as a Crew leader. I try to keep the kids engaged, interested and happy. Let's just say the word CRAZY TOWN with 28 - 3/4 year olds!! Boys loved it but mommy is beat! Within 5 minutes of getting there, I got kicked in the gut by a BIG boy (about 50 lbs for a 4 year old), then he proceeded to say that I ate to much bubble gum and was fat from it!! YES FAT!! Then he sneared at me with a evil eye and said it again with a nice kick. He wanted his mom, which I completely understand but FAT??   Really?? Yeah, not really wanting to cook tonight....

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Reading With Chrissy (Who was previously dressed as Superman- Lou-Lou's daughter)!
I feel like I haven't had many photos of Christian up lately on our blog or Facebook, so  I wanted to add some! My little spit fire has been full of it lately..lots of fun and lots of "NO's"! He has been such a love bug though! School is out next week for the summer and I hope to enjoy so many memories of them because in 2 1/2 months my big boys will be going to school everyday for VPK!! I can't believe it. Now we just have to find a school for them for the following year.
Ps...side note-Ken just walked by me and said "It's awefully easy taking care of them, they sleep most of the day and play so nicely in the morning..... (with a snicker). OH Please!!
  They are always so good for daddy when he watches them while mommy works.
Home Depot Building Projects- goes with Dad

Loving his finger painting

Telling Grandma he loves her!