Monday, August 31, 2009

Pizza Night

Before the boys got sick last week, we started a new family tradition and we have been doing every Friday night for the past 4 weeks- FRIDAY NIGHT PIZZA NIGHT. I took some photos from their first own piece of pizza! They loved it!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Growth From Sickness

The boys got sick about 6 days ago and are still trying to get over it. I know most all parents have been through this in one form or another- having two get it at once at this age was somewhat scary and at times I didn't know what to do because sick children naturally want their mom. Having two wanting to be held, rocked, nurtured and soothed is something that I had to learn to do this week. However, I have to say: I saw the most remarkable things happen with my boys, my husband, family and friends. The things I learned this week will always be with me, making me that much better of a parent in the future.

  • When you have a very sick child, NOTHING else in this world matters- NOTHING!
  • When they get that first little " perk up" and smile again- you can honestly say you have never been happier in life.
  • I learned with fevers that high- one of the things people say is to put them in a cool bath. This is actually not true because when fevers run around103-104 it can put them in a seizure. Best thing to do is wipe each arm, leg, neck, head, belly, back with a cool cloth and let it air dry to draw out the fever and reduce body temp.
  • Having a great husband who will help stay up with you to try to figure out what will help your baby, as I tried to sooth was so so helpful and the kindest thing you can ask for in a marriage.
  • Who cares if you have to call your doctor 10 times a day to ask questions, I got over feeling weird about that, seriously done with that. I realized these were my one in only children and I need all the help I can get through the doctors educating me on how to treat two little babies at once. They were wonderful about it.
  • Keeping them calm (and yourself)- I learned when I had to hold Nicolas one night almost 24 hours straight, to calm him I sang soft lullabies I used to when he was a baby, prayed all through the night, and realized that GOD GAVE ME the strength, patience and courage to hold 22 pounds in my arms most of the night.
  • Just having so many friends and family calling to check in and offer support and advice was what I needed to give me the confidence to help them.
  • Take it minute by minute - because the next minute could be an entirely different issue.
  • Get as much help as you can- when you can- at all cost!! Having Lou here most of the week gave me support and guidance. There were so many little things to help comfort the kids that I did not know and through her experiences, I just listened and tried them. Most worked and that was a true blessing.
  • Being up all night-for almost a week straight--it doesn't matter!! Yes, your a complete zombie but I think God gives you the strength to get through it and your adrenaline naturally goes.
  • Resorting back to the bottle and letting them sleep with you is fine for comforting and soothing them- who cares what the books say. Sick kids need soothing!
  • Who cares about prior appointments and such ( unless emergency of course), be home with your kids- take care of them, they need you more now then ever.
  • Last but not least...the best learning on how to be a good productive nurturing parent to sick kids DOES NOT COME FROM A BOOK OR INTERNET!!! It comes from life experience and educating yourself from others who has been there.
Now things I learned that I need to come up with a solution now that they are better:
  • How do I stop giving them EVERYTHING THEY want ( which I did this week) especially now that I see those sweet smiles again!
  • Going back down from 4 bottles a day to none!!!!
  • How do I catch up on everything else?
  • How do I "tame my germ phobia" which has kicked into super high gear!!!!! Grocery store carts, touching things, other kids, playground, swings....YUCK! YUCK! YUCK!!! Well, regardless I will overcome that, especially since all my best friends have children and we all know kids get sick!!! :)
So to all the parents out there- especially with twins- you can get through it- it is hard as heck- but with support in the house- you can do it!!!! The boys love each other so much and this really showed as they got better and were so happy to see each other to play. They slept in separate rooms while sick but even when they were at their sickest, I sensed they were still lost without each other.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mega Blocks!

Yesterday the boys were introduced to their Mega Block Toys! It was awesome, they were so into it! They sat there and studied them and stacked them. Not so fun to clean up at the end of the night but entertains them and helps them develop the brain!

Their House!! Poor Rocky!

Today we removed even MORE furniture if that is even possible. Since the boys have been born we have essentially created our house into their house! Normal thing right? Well.. I never expected to change our house this much!! I guess having twins you will quickly do anything that makes watching two guys on a daily basis easier, safer and more fun to entertain them. So far we have taken down:
  • Our Dining Room
  • Hutch
  • All Decorations
  • All End Tables
  • Coffee Table
And we have turned our upstairs guest room and loft into a "Mesh Mash" storing room/collection of furniture because I don't know where to put it! So as of today, literally...the "boys playroom" consists of two couches, our tv entertainment and a futon (which as all my close friends know... I HATE but I don't know where to put the thing) and all their toys/books. We took down all the playyard gates and they have about 600 sq feet of running room! I know it may seem ridiculous, but being trapped inside during Florida summer months (may- oct) we need room for them to they have taken over the kitchen!!

All I have to say is.... poor Rocky ( our spoiled dog that has been reduced to loosing his luxury and his space). He seems so lost today and not sure where to go because before when we had gates everywhere, he could jump over and get away from the kids trying to play with him. Now he has no option, except if he wants to go upstairs or in the kitchen, but he hates not having free roam of the house and if he is not with us, he gets upset. Poor Rocky!! Trying to be part of our "Pack"...but yet trying not to get attacked by the kiddo's.
A few photos of Rocky when he was happy and spoiled. Now he won't even sit on our laps! :( He seems so sad and he is SO GREY since the boys were born).

I just keep telling's short term!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Bath Time - Relaxing or Party Time?

Since the boys were born we have always given them a bath each night to help them relax and establish a routine so they know what to expect- thanks to the advice of my sister. We didn't use soap every night (didn't want to dry out the skin) but as the months went by- we had to, especially since we have "food exploration" at dinnertime! I used to love bath time when they were little but then I went through a phase for about six months where I absolutely dreaded and HATED bath time. It was so hard because we had to start separating them due to sliding and hitting in the tub. It seemed like so much work and exhausting at the end of the day. Ken would bath them, I would dress them. It was like an assembly line. I felt sad- wasn't this the part of the day all parents get to enjoy and bond with their kids? Again, from the advice of my sister ( who has 4 boys under 6 years of age), said to try it again together- it will help reduce the time/energy it takes and they will have fun!! Why didn't I think of that? The whole bath time routine used to take about 45 minutes but now since they bath together again it takes about 20-30 minutes by the time they bath, dress, read their books and have their last bottle. Less work and they have a great time!! We love it too! However, I don't know how "relaxing" it is for them, yes it is a great routine but now it's more like ....PARTY TIME!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sharing Is It Possible?

In almost any parenting book, theory or article you read there is evidence that proves children technically can not grasp the idea of "sharing" until after the age of 2 sometimes 3. I am not sure how I feel about that yet- probably all the science behind it is right. However, we try to teach them the wording and give them examples of sharing - we just don't expect they will do it yet. With twin boys, lets say its an ongoing learning process and I get to witness firsthand the process they go through trying to learn to share and figuring out how to get what they want from each other.

Video below

Nicolas- when you ask him share a cheerio- he walks over like he is going to share it, then at the last minute...puts it in his mouth and smiles at you- like to say NO WAY MAN- TRICKED YOU!! Now- does that mean he gets the concept and is being a comedian or just being a 15 month old smarty pants....who knows but it is so funny to me!

when you ask him to share a cheerio- he fact he will give you his very last cheerio, even if its in his mouth! The kid loves to share. How or why - I don't know but I am not complaining by any means. If someone ask him for something he has - he gives. However, we picked up on a negotiating technique he has learned- if he wants his brothers toy- he will walk over and hand him something else. Once Nicolas picks that other toy up, Christian swoops in to pick up the other and runs!