Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Diggers, Trucks and 4- Wheelers

What a lucky day for the boys! In my last blog I wrote Nicolas is absolutely into diggers and trucks. It just happened that today our neighbor across the street was having his lawn replaced and we had permission to let the boys explore. Then they went on an adventure on their little 4- wheelers. I couldn't believe the difference in them driving compared to last time. This time they drove them all by themselves! They were in SHEAR JOY TONIGHT with these two activities. Luckily the trucks will still be here tomorrow- however Nicolas will want to stand by the door and look at them all afternoon!!


Then and Now

I can't believe today our little guys are 17 months. Time is going by way to fast and they keep growing before my eyes. There little personalities keep developing and I see something new each day!

Then- last year:

Now- some things they are doing more this week:
  • They love to give kisses!
  • They clearly say no when they do not want something or ya for yes. Makes life it a little easier.
  • This past week they started to really say please when I say"Do you want..." but they say it: "pezzz".
  • Nicolas loves big trucks and trains- he gets so excited and really into them and pointing to them on the road. He also loves to snuggle a lot this week and sitting on our laps to read or play. I call him my snuggle king.
  • Christian has been Mr. Huggs and he loves to tickle you- especially your toes. He loves to put lids on and off cups, put things in his cups take them out and give them to me. He gets excited and so proud of himself.
  • They aren't biting as much but we still have some Shark Attacks. However, they have learned to headbutt instead.
  • Nicolas loves, loves, loves to eat EVERYTHING this week as often as he can and this week Christian hates fruit for some reason!
  • Nicolas loves to say "daddy"- instead of da-da now. He calls for daddy when he is mad at me!
  • Christian really loves to give things to Nicolas this week to play with- it is so sweet- but Nicolas first tries to swipe it from him and takes off. AKA..the weasel.
  • We are moving towards one nap a day- which I hate..grrrrrr!
  • Sleeping: Nicolas has been sleeping ALL Night consistently for a while 11 hours straight- but we need Christian to get on that!!
And finally...THIS WEEK....WE STOPPED THEIR LAST BOTTLE BEFORE BED....Aghhh breaks my heart, so I got in the habit the past few nights if they wake up in middle of night- I give them a bottle. I know its terrible and I have to stop it ASAP but its so sad for me not to rock them and give them a bottle anymore. I hate it.

Day at Mote

Sunday we went to Mote Marine on Long Boat Key, FL. It was so much fun. It was the first time we did an activity WITHOUT the stroller! They are getting too big. I want to freeze time!!

I love this photo below- because I caught them in the exact same pose as they were walking. Too Cute!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Family and Friend Tribes

I know why in some cultures families live in tribes and/or large families and friends stay close in proximity- it is so nice when you have family and friends around to help or just share with the fun day to day activities with the boys.

Today- we went to Great Grandma McDermid's ( no photos unfortunately) but the boys got to see their Great Grandparents, Aunt Colleen and Uncle Tucker. They were so spoiled with yummy food, love, books and swimming! We loved being there- partially because I didn't have to do as much as usual and everyone pitched in with chasing the boys, feeding them, changing them and carrying all our stuff back and forth to the car!!

Grandpa takes boys out for dinner for the first time with him!! He is so excited and has been waiting for this. He kept getting choked up with tears throughout dinner - so sweet!

VISIT WITH AUNT DI-DI - so much fun and I loved the company and help (of course)!!! Aunt Di-Di went and got groceries and made us a fabulous meal before she left so we could all sit down for a nice meal. Aunt Di Di and I even cut and colored each others hair.

Grandma Karen- this week grandma has been busy working on the boys Halloween Costume! She sent me the first part to see if it fit- I was so happy with what she has done so far, so quickly- phase 1. My mom is seriously a great seamstress and makes great clothes. She is designing their costumes "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" -Dr. Suess twin characters.

Grandma Goble surprised the boys with a new Thomas the Train Tent!! Nicolas absolutely loved getting up from his nap and seeing this!! Grandma helped stay and set up tent- we even got her in the tent with Nicolas!

VISIT WITH JESSICA - this week with her daughter baby Addison. We had a great visit and traded off- I got to sit and hold Addison while Jess got on the floor and entertained and got tackled by the boys! Jessica and Nate also came over to hang out Saturday and Jessica took some of her fabulous photos of the boys for us.

Random Shoots- best buds

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wonderful Labor Day Weekend

We had a great Labor Day with our family this past weekend. It was so exciting to see the boys have so much fun.
Friday- We all went to Music on Main to hear the band play outside.
Saturday- Out to the Parks and running on the playgrounds.
Sunday- We went up to the Water Park in Tampa at the Aquarium in AM then we had a nice visit with Grandma and Grandpa Hughes ( Which Grandpa spoiled them brought 6 new balls that the boys love-their new favorite toys)!
Monday- Visit from Great Grandpa and Grandma McDermid and Aunt Eileen ( Grandma brought two more balls they love!!!
Then we finished the weekend with a yummy BBQ and swim at Grandma and Grandpa Goble where the boys got to try their very first strawberry shortcake- which they LOVED!

Here are a few photos of the boys this past weekend:

At the " First Friday Party/Music on Main Street"

Florida Aquarium Water Park:

Walking and playing at the park

Around the house and family fun: