Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Loot!!!

Wow...all I am going to say is TIMES HAVE CHANGED!! I am getting OLD!! The boys had their Valentines Day exchange and check out the loot they got and how fabulous all the different cards were! I must admit, I love getting into it too because they are only in preschool once and it is fun. I am just the last minute type mom and do not plan ahead so I never have all the right stuff in the household.....you get what mama has in this household! Sometimes I wish I had more time to run errands or better planning. But I am happy with what we do! For example, we were supposed to have photos for the boys boxes they made at their party and I couldn't find a freaking recent photo so as I was scrambling at 12 am last night...well the only photos I could find printed copies of were these....one where Christian is about 16 months old and only a few teeth and Nicolas from last December when he wasn't even 3!! Hysterical, I didn't give a shit actually thought it was cute!!

Me....well for our card, I just went to Walgreen's and printed up a photo card (like a Christmas Card) since I had a coupon!!! LOL!! And I spelled my child's name wrong in my last minute rush.....go figure!! I did make little cute baggie treats though to put in each of the kids cubbies at school as a treat but I think they got thrown in the card box. I realized I didn't even do 2 sets of cards (one from each of my children)..so the kids only got one card from this crew! But I made up for it with my little Valentine Treat in their cubby box! Right?

I didn't feel bad until Nicolas said "All the kids put cards in each mailbox and we only did some because you had only 1 card...." Talk about mommy guilt. I love this class and love the mama's in this class. They have to coolest little things, someone once said it is called "Mom-competition" but I don't think so, I just think these moms are wicked crafty and gifted in this area ( I am a beginner, no time level but learning to make the time) and all the moms share the love. It is HYSTERICAL we all do this instead of the good 'ol days and go to the store to get the 50 cent box of cards with no lolly pops attached, no candy ...just a plain good 'ol XOXOXXOXO. But...they got some SERIOUS LOOT!! To precious to forget! Good ideas for another year for sure or for any of you moms with younger kiddo's who like to plan ahead or are not crafty!!

Boxes the kids made at school for their valentine cards. Had a cute handle on it. Notice my kids photos- not current! The Loot!

We have bubbles......Homemade yummy pretzels
Creative Smarty Pants Card

Probably my ALL TIME FAVORITE CARD!! A BANANA!!SMORES Friendship Card...yummyKisses And so many more!!!!! We had a little spiderman card with spiderman pencil, lollipops, sweet tarts. You name it, they got it!

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day....wishing you a day of love!!

Even Rocky has gotten lots of extra love this past week and snuggling!!

The boys surprised me with a beautiful ring that I absolutely loved. It is engraved with the word Faith and is engraved on the inside - that was from Nicolas and Christian gave me a beautiful matching necklace that says "Faith, Love and Happiness".

What the boys gave daddy....beautiful photo memories of our family (from a year ago that I never had framed which I am so delighted to get framed)!! Mommy, gave him a round of golf!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Nicolas just said to me....

"This house AGAIN is a mess"!

Me: "Really..I don't think it's too bad".

So I felt a little bit like a slacker mom so I moved 2 trucks against the wall- why am I listening to this?

Nicolas: "Agghhhh, mom it's still a mess right now". Very annoyed at me. Like this is all you got?

Me: " Well little man then get cleaning up".

Nicolas"Christian this house is a mess, can you clean it up".

Seriously? Seriously? What child wants a nice tidy house?

It makes me want to break out the old pictures and say..."See Nicolas, the house USED to be nice and tidy and actually was quite beautiful and modern PRE - CHILDREN". But, I can't so that thought will stay locked up in my frontal lobe of the brain.