Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lolly Pops ~ My New Best Friend!

I haven't been able to blog much because there has just been so many new things happening in the "Hughes" household! I keep hoping I will blog about each thing but each day gets by me before I know it. So here are a few highlights of our household!

1.) Boys still are thankfully sleeping in their cribs. They are taking about 2 hour naps still in the afternoon, some days 3 hours..HOWEVER over the past week or so we have had many days that naps have only been a hour or so. Oh Lordy....naps can't be shortening yet! Please!

2.) Boys are working on being Potty trained. I think if Ken and I put in 100% effort they would be, but we are waiting until after our trip to NY/Boston this month to finish up. Hopefully, by January they will be potty trained. They still are using their pacifier's when sleeping and car only. So as you can see...we have big changes coming up next month!

3.) The boys started a Mommy's Morning Out /Preschool - 2 Days a Week for 3 hours. Yes.. 6 hours that I can get stuff done! I never thought the day would come (however usually I am working at home) but the idea of being able to run into the bank or grocery store without schlepping two kids, loading and unloading. I can't believe how fast I can get something done. Downside... they are ALWAYS sick with buggery noses and that is driving me insane!! Christian has a girlfriend..."Sara" who he is ALWAYS TALKING ABOUT and was devastated last week when she wasn't there.
4.) Probably my biggest news (that many of my friends have been hearing me process over the past year) is I got finally got my tubal ligation this week!!'s done. The recovery has sucked the past few days but it was a fairly easy process. It's so weird because now that it is done, there is something inside of me, as a woman, as a mom..thinking.....of no!! But, I can't think that way or go to that place of thought because I have been ready and known since the boys were born that we didn't want a bigger family. I have a huge sense of relief.

5.)Lolly Pops are my new best friends! The boys LOVE them and I use them for bribery! We have more peaceful days because of my good 'ol friend the Lolly Pop. Not as many tantrums and not as much whining! All I have to say is.. I LOVE YOU LOLLY POP.

6.) We got the Christmas Tree up successfully and they actually leave it alone! Last year, I had a gate around it and only hung two giant plastic balls. It looked so stupid.

7.) Boys talk full conversations - 8-9 word sentences. They love trucks, trains, books, dinosaurs and Elf on the Shelf! Which we have named our Elf "Chuckles".

8.) Last week as we were approaching a car accident, I was trying hard to distract them from seeing it and praying they wouldn't see it. prayer was answered (not in a way that I thought) when another driver cut me off and I yelled "YOU DICK"! I never say that word so I don't know why it even came out of my mouth. Christian QUICKLY picked up on that word (thankfully they were distracted from the accident) but then I had 1o minutes of "What did you say mommy? What was that word?" Repeating the word, over and over. I quickly and smoothly covered by saying.. " I said..LOOK AT THAT DIGGER" ! That's what all good mom's would do right - lie? Just kidding..only about bad words.

Well...that's an update...hopefully I will have more time to blog ( I have so many cute new photos), but between raising these little guys and now that work has been really busy, it seems there is never time!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving Thanks!

I had the boys write (well I wrote) what they were thankful for this morning. It was funny to me what they picked and that I didn't make the list on Nicolas's!!!! Their list is below.

I am thankful for many wonderful blessings in my life but I wanted to write the first 5 thoughts pertaining to what I am thankful for in respects of having twins ( other than of course having two beautiful, healthy loving little men):

1.) Days when I actually have energy to get through without feeling cranky.
2.) Quiet moments when they do not fight.
3.) Binkies (Pacifers) when the whining will not stop.
4.) Something to do during the morning with them or days I have help.
5.) Hearing their laughter,seeing them hug/hold hands...their love for each other.
6.) Having the same set of toys to reduce their fighting over things!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

They Don't Call It The Magical Kingdom For Nothing!!!

All I can say about going to Disney World with 2 ½ year olds was it was one of the BEST DAYS of my life! It was so amazing and the kids LOVED IT!!! It is a day I will cherish forever, relaxing and so much fun! You really do feel like a kid again through your child’s eyes and boys eyes were sparkling! There were no meltdowns (except when Nicolas hit his head at lunch) but that only lasted a minute and the day was pure heaven! We went on so many rides and stayed almost all day. I brought my crappy camera so that is the only thing, the photos suck, red eye, shots but you get the gist of it!

The parades and shows were great seeing everyone dance and sing with the characters. Not to mention perfect weather. Does this sound like a Martha Stewart Blog yet about Disney? I am just shocked that it went so well, especially with twin 2 year olds. Christian was a trooper and was stayed awake ALL day with zero meltdowns. Nicolas fell asleep for about 30 minutes in his stroller but was ready to hit the bigger rides after that. The great part was that they walked most of the day, we just put them in the stroller as we were going to one section to the other because I wanted to hit as many sections as possible. I just couldn't’t get over how easy it was! It was funny because after the last float on the evening parade, the tail end lady called out to the boys personally “You are one cool dudes”! If you go – 2 ½ is a great age!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Don't Take My MoJo

I just read the most annoying article in Parenting Magazine .
It had this article on "The Caffeine Buzz" - outlined how much coffee affects you and what it will do. The first level was great up to 2 cups a day. Then the next level said: if you drink between 2-3 cups a day it significantly increases blood pressure, potentially shortening your life span by five years. me 5 years is a shit load! I am not uneducated or unhealthy and know that too much caffeine is bad for you for many reasons but 2-3 cups? Come on...I need MoJo..I have twins! According to this article, with my afternoon double espresso, I am technically shaving off about 7 years of my life!

Why would they write that in a parenting magazine for parents no less who typically are exhausted and zombies during those first few years chasing their offspring that run 90 miles an hour - all day- everyday. Now don't get me wrong, I do balance it out with choking down about 64 oz of water a day in between, sometimes more. But even when I was in my tip, top shape - working out 5 days a week, eating well - I still drank 2-3 cups a day of my java juice!

That article just made me so mad because now every time I look at that sweet, savory cup of creamy coffee, the mommy's guilt is going to kick in - how can I enjoy my afternoon double espresso thinking I could be loosing time with my boys in the future!

This is why I have to have my MOJO:

What..A Bumble Bee?

Picking out a freaking Halloween costume was RIDICULOUS this year! Ken and I spent countless hours debating this, wasting probably a full week of our life on this! You would think we were the ones dressing up. This is probably the last year that I will be able to choose for them and do something cute because I know going forward the boys will be picking their own and lord knows I will have to grin and bear it. So I was determined to get my way on this one! Bumble Bees!!! Now, please what ever you do, do not tell Ken that is a "girly" costume. He has sucked down his pride and agreed to go along with me on this one.

The best part of this whole situation is one of his best friends is going with us on Halloween and his daughter is..yep.. A BUMBLE BEE! At first, I laughed so hard when they told me because all I could think of was what Ken's face was going to be when I told him she is going to be a Bumble Bee! I knew he was going to say and did say "See..I told you it was a girls costume"!! So after countless hours looking on line for a "Masculine" Bumble Bee Costume, which doesn't exist, I pulled my mom in to make one of her adorable costumes for the boys! She came through and made it perfect! Here is a sneak peak of some photos I snapped today because the boys had their dress up day /parade at school!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Boys Will Be Boys I realize when you have kids the whole family will say the most random, weirdest, funniest things out of nowhere! These guys have the funniest sense of humor and continue to shock us with their humor.

1.) Nicolas did not want to take a shower one night, it was his turn and he said: "Christian Not Done...Christian's Still Smelly Mommy"!

2.) For some reason they refuse to call a Bra..well a Bra. They call it a Boobie! Imagine hearing this random conversation between Nicolas and Christian (Nicolas has one of my bra's around his head that he got from the clean laundry- running around the house as I am cooking dinner). Nicolas to Christian: "I have Mommy's Boobie"! Christian" I want Mommy's Boobie" Nicolas: "Mommy- can Christian have a Boobie?"

3.)I am changing Christians diaper and he "tooted". He snickered at me and said "I did a butt blaster". I guess Ken and I have a sick sense of humor because we always laugh like little kids when they "toot" a.k.a...let out some gas and call them Butt Blasters.

4.)I woke up one morning and my hair was crazy as ever. Christian: "You look like a Moose Mommy". Me:"What -Why, having no idea what I look like". Christian: "Your hair all crazy, you have horns"! that how you want to start out the day?

5.) Nicolas walked up to me out of the blue and said: "Mommy I am a big boy"! Me: You can't be, not yet! Nicolas: "I am a big boy, going to be REAL TALL"! Christian runs in and chimes the same thing. Me:"You guys can't grow tall because how is Mommy going to pick you up and hold you?" Christian: "I get a ladder and put it against clouds. I come down to you". He meant he was going to be as big as the Giant on Jack and The Bean Stalk"!

Pumpkin Festivals / Polo Party

What A Month and it isn't even the holidays! I haven't been able to post with the boys starting preschool, work, life, household,raising twins...raising twins...raising twins..did I mention raising fabulous twins? Here are a BUNCH of photos to catch up on the festivals we have been too this month (Polo Party and 2 Pumpkin Festivals)!

This photo my friend took who is a fabulous photographer! The boys with their girlfriend Addison!

Taking A Ride With Gram!

Lou -Lou Enjoying The Boys!

It's Been A Long Day! ( The next few photos are from my great friend - I can't take credit).

Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Little Bugs!

I hate bugs, well...most! However, I absolutely LOVE Lady bugs and I feel like a little kid when I see one! The boys weren't sure what to make of the Lady Bug that made a visit to our house, but they quickly feel in love with this this cute little red and black bug.