Monday, June 27, 2011

Green Goblin

We ended up making it to the movies from my last post but because we were late, we ended up sitting behind each other with the kids. With twins, being seperated sometimes doesn't work out, sometimes it does. This time, it ended up not working. We went to see the movie Cars 2. The first hour was great, nice and quiet, they were so excited to have their popcorn, sprite and sit in big boy seats. They were amazed by the big screen. I think the movie was a little advanced because they made this movie more like a James Bond cars cartoon. Not really for 3 year olds, especially when the second line of the movie the "secret car agent" calls the boat a jerk. Anyways, after about 1 hour they wanted to switch with mom and dad which was fine. Then Christian had enough so I took him out for a break and we went and walked around. Nicolas wanted to be with us and decided he wanted to go too. We could of saved some money and just went to the arcade and played Air Hockey which I think they liked more in the end!! From now on, it is only the dollar theater and shorter movies.

Here are a few photos from today:

How can you go from this nice and tidy kid

To This.. (My Green Goblin) Covered In Finger Paint

Back To This!

Christian informed me he was the "Green Goblin". He proceeded to cover himself in Green finger paint, so I just went with it and let him have a blast. I didn't get a great photo of Nicolas covered but he became the BLUE Goblin. The fun part was getting them from the kitchen to the shower without touching the walls. Needless to say, after their shower, I had to put on a TV show and clean up the walls in every room along the way, as well as the outside of our shower door. But it was worth it to see their huge smiles.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Precious Gifts ~ In The Moment

We finally all recovered and are back to life! The boys and I have been doing a lot of new things this summer. Swimming with friends, we actually ventured to the beach yesterday as a playgroup which was awesome. This time of the year is fun (even though hot) because most of our buddies are out of school for the summer so we are doing something fun each day. Now that I am feeling better, I am soaking in every moment of fun with them, almost hesitating putting them in school in the fall because this age is so magical....Yes, probably each post you read goes back and forth whether this age is hard or not, whether it is a good or bad day but since we are feeling better, I can honestly say, I love this age. Also, we are currently in the process of losing a family member, my grandma, who is probably one of the most special people in my life. I went Tuesday to say my goodbye to her and she gave me so many words of wisdom, so many things that made me so proud and it was one of those moments in life that teaches you such a huge valuable lesson on life. Making you realize all the special gifts God puts in our life and to cherish /enjoy them. I made a promise to myself as I was saying good bye to her, seeing all my family, that I am going to try and live like it's my last day (meaning taking each day as it comes), doing what is most important for that day and relishing in the moment of my children's sweet innocence. It truly is helping with my patience when these guys test me. Today's new venture.....we are taking the boys to the movies for the first time (if we can get out in time).

Here are a few photos of my little munchkins going out for a bike ride the other night.

Christian, getting ready for his work out.... Nicolas getting ready..Boys having a good laugh togetherWe forgot to tuck in Christian's ear...opps sorry buddy.

Probably my most 2 favorite photos of them..their sweet little faces.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Missing in Action

Let me first start off my saying the boys are doing fantastic and having a great summer! Yesterday we had a wonderful Father's day and one of the better days we have had in weeks!

I haven't blogged much because I am just getting over pnemonia...yes.. pneumonia. I guess when you can't rest, brochitis can turn into pnemonia pretty quickly. I had no clue except I have been hacking up a lung on/off for 7 weeks straight. Ken got bronchitis towards the end, so we had a rough week there but we are doing SO MUCH BETTER!! Kids have been healthy so that is what we are happiest about! Thank you so much to my girlfriends that made us a meal to freeze that week...thank you, thank you, thank you!!

My chest x-ray this week came back great, so after being on 40 days of antibiotics (yes I said 40 days), steroids, an inhaler and cough medicines... I am finally able to breath better, except I noticed both Ken and I started coughing again last night. Darn it! We need that part to stop ASAP because if I have to go back into the Dr.'s again for this cough, our Dr. wants to ship me into the hospital which is IMPOSSIBLE for us. IMPOSSIBLE!! Technically, I was supposed to be in bed for a week to let my lungs heal but how can that happen when life doesn't stop with kids?

So life keeps moving on and we do our daily routine......we have just excepted the next few weeks, we will have our good energetic days and then our days when we need to really rest until both of us are 100% again. Almost there. It's such a weird thing because I get my "spurts" which I like to call them- where I have so much energy like yesterday and can get a lot done, then the next day or a few hours later, I feel like I cant breath.

I will have more updates and lots of new photos. I was able to get my camera replaced with a brand new one so I am so excited about that! Well....that is the update and why there has been no posts.