Monday, February 28, 2011

Show Time!

Friday night we took the boys to the Big Cat Habitat for their annual show which consisted of lots of animals in a "ring" with music and comedy. It was like a small scale mini circus. The boys LOVED it and did great lasting until intermission. They probably could of made it through the whole thing but it was getting late and we wanted them to ride the ponies. They got to see their girlfriend Addison, which is always a bit hit!

Ken wanted to let the boys ride on the ponies by themselves and I disagreed. I was freaking out when he stepped away and let Nicolas go by himself around the circle. As I was trying to hold onto Christian I found myself yelling out loud..."No Ken, No..hold onto him." Then I hit below the belt and as I was walking by him,I gave him my mean look and said, "I swear, if he falls I will never forgive you". Ken, who is so easy going, knowing I was just in a panic mode said..."I know..I know, he is fine". Meanwhile, Christian saw what was happening and kept saying to me, "Let go mom, Let go..Nicolas is doing it - LET GO OF ME!!". Other than that it was an amazing time to see the joy in them!!!
Boys watching the show with intense anticipation! Addison going in for some tasty chips!Good Times!
Nicolas enjoying his tasty hotdog!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Toy Story!

I think I was in the movie "Toy Story 3". Two nights ago, Ken and I decided to clean out - clear out the boys toys. As I started, I just sat there and stared at the toys, not knowing which ones to get rid of because I knew each and every toy, how the boys individually use the different toys, even if it is only on occasion. I felt frozen and couldn't even to begin to process which ones to get rid of. Ken kept saying "I can see this isn't going to work, your not getting rid of anything"! He would ask me - "How about this - How about that?" I would quickly respond with a "NO - we can't get rid of that" and use my persuasive sales skills on why we couldn't get rid of it. Eventually, I got through it and it took us almost 2 1/2 hours to clear out a huge box. I even snapped these photos of the toys that they LOVE so much, that they have used since they were about 10 months old (For memory purposes). The ones in these photos, mostly I could not part with except maybe 3. Which I was so happy that I didn't get rid of the farm/bus because they used them the next day. It seems as they get older, the toys get bigger now they love bikes, scooters, robots, dinosaurs and trains. Ken REALLY wants to get rid of the little people farm, but I can not part with it- they still use their imagination when playing with it, I have to let them be creative - right????
Oh boy...the toys I thought I was going to get rid of. The bus that I will not get rid of! I can't get the tune out of my head.These Lamaze toys tore my heart out to get rid of. We have always called them "Click Clacks" and the boys used to use them all the time when they were first learning how to stack ( they are magnetic) - a great toy!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Justin Bieber

Just to show you how out of touch from music I am- I didn't even know who Justin Bieber was until about 3 months ago. Then I thought for the first month his name is Justin BEAVER. Most of my friends are in their early 30's and most of my sisters/brothers are under 20, so I count on them to keep me up to date while I am in "Mommy World". The reason I bring up Justin Bieber is alot of people keep telling me how Nicolas looks like a "mini Bieber". I thought they were saying a Mini Beaver for the longest time and I wasn't sure if that was a compliment or diss? Finally, my girlfriend said...not beaver Jody- JUSTIN BIEBER!! All my girlfriends were there and started laughing hysterically. So when Ken came home that night, I asked him "who is Justin Bieber - is it BEAVER or Bieber"?? He looked at me like I was insane and started laughing "It's Justin BIEBER Jody!!! You know, the kid who is the pop craze and has one of the biggest hair trends right now with the teenagers"?? Umm...nope didn't know that! I can remember in my 20's - I thought, I am going to ALWAYS be the mom that is current on all the pop/current trends. Not so much the case, thankfully I have my friends/family to keep me on track but this has really made me feel old!!

But just maybe... I am that trendy mom after all, I kid supposedly has a cool haircut! I just think Nicolas is due for a massive hair cut! What do you think?
Justin Beiber:Nicolas:Nicolas rocking out like a rock star!

Nicolas A Year Ago!!

Privacy Please!

The boys surprised me last week when it was time to go potty they both said......

"I NEED PRIVACY PLEASE"! Then Christian continued with "Mom...I need my space"!!

So, I gave it to them and this is what I walked in on - Nicolas getting comfy cozy!! I asked him what are you doing? He said " I am getting comfortable mom- I need my space go away". Oh boy, they are growing up way to fast- it was only 3-4 weeks ago we started training - now they want to do it by themselves.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The art and concentration it takes when learning to do bubbles!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

U - Pick 'Em!!

We went to the coolest place today that is actually near my house! It is a "U- Pick Em" fruits/vegetable farm. It is so wild because they grow everything going up/down instead of fields. They gave each of us a bucket, scissors, quick lesson and off we went finding the perfect strawberries. The boys were on a serious mission to get the biggest and most red strawberries! They got so excited when they spotted one, they got even more excited to see the "baby" strawberries starting to sprout. They kept saying.."ohhh..look at this one mommy, we got to cut this one"! I got all sentimental on the drive home, thinking about how excited they got to do something like this. I LOVE THIS AGE and I feel so blessed to be home with them- all the stress, lack of extra cash flow and aggravation that I tend to bitch about is so worth it. I am happy we decided to pull them out of preschool and wait until next year because of all the cool stuff we have been doing, now that I can do it since they are older, even just 3 months older has made such a difference! Of course tomorrow my tune might change if we are having one of those crazy days! But one thing I know, I don't want to miss a minute of this. If you live around here, it is a cool place to take your kids. Prices are good too!
Finding The Perfect Strawberry!

The Best Part!

"THUMBS - UP" on having a great time and tasty snack!

So Happy We Went Here They Had To Hug!

Final Batch After (Well, what was left)!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Parties ~ Love 'Em!

This weekend was great because I got to go to three parties which was a much needed break, well.. two were restful! My kids automatically think a party means cake, no matter what kind of party!

Ken had thought I was going to my friends girls night party (which is next week), when I was actually going to a brunch at my girlfriends Saturday morning. Confused? He was. Anyways, Christian asked where I was and Ken said a party. Christian wanted to know if there was cake and if I was having any. Ken said he wasn't sure but he had to call to confirm as Christian NEEDED to know..aka..if I was going to bring any home for him! Nope..sorry Christian, it is mommy's time now.

But Christian was in heaven when he got his wish on Sunday as we celebrated our friends Riley/Zachery's 3rd Bday! That party was a little more work for me, because I went solo with the boys which means lots of running! It was lots of fun though ( I just got another workout in because I went to the gym for 2 hours in the morning - so double the pain the next day). Thankfully, I got to rest some when Ken and I rotated going to our neighbors Super Bowl Party. We were going to have it here but had to cancel. Nicolas and Christian lucked out that night as well, one of our friends at the party walked over and brought them special cupcakes, just for the boys (Steeler/Packer cupcakes)!

Boys diving into the much anticipated cake!

Chillin with their friends. Yes, my kids are the only ones wearing the hats- mom gets just as excited!!! I love that kids don't care about being different!!Birthday Boy! Happy Birthday Zachery!Birthday Girl..Happy Birthday Riley!
All the boys wanted to ride Zach's bike, including NICOLAS!!
Instead Nicolas works out his frustration (in the way back of the picture with the blue sweater) by using the adult work out station at the park because he couldn't stand not being able to ride the bike...I was like ...what are you doing buddy??


Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's All About Phases!

These guys are going through different phases - literally from day to day. Food, toys, what they want to do, what is funny...etc.. and it is HYSTERICAL being a mom of twins watching these phases. This weeks phase for Nicolas - The bedtime stalling phase!

My boys are GREAT at going to bed, they can go from running around like lunatics to laying down and asleep within seconds! Well, "Sir Nicolas" has just become the KINGPIN at stalling for naps recently. As for the past few days he NEEDS PJ's for nap time! I made the mistake of letting him choose a pair, now he wants to choose them everyday and it takes FOREVER, not to mention the hassle of dressing and undressing. At first I thought, who cares, he is only little once, if the kid wants Pj's for nap time, so be it! Now I see there was an alternative motive - STALLING, as he looks over each and every pair!
Here are a few other of his master stalling techniques:

1.) Mommy, I want to rock and stand. Which means I hold him while standing and sing a lullaby to him. Then he wants lullaby's with the wrong words which he thinks is hysterical. The kid is so long and basically for me to stand and rock him, I must look like a freak because I am only 5 feet tall and his feet hang to my knees. But what mom wants to say no to their sweet little boy wanting a lullaby sung to them.. well....4 songs!! Oh and don't forget his brother wanting the same!

2.) Mommy, I need a hug. I give it. Mommy, I need a bigger hug and I want to give you a kiss. Again..what mom doesn't want a kiss and hug from her little man?

3.) Mom, I have a question for you. Then when I ask what is it Nicolas, he gets all excited, scrambles around, stands up and tries desperately to come up with a question. A simple question as I walk out the door like " Is Christian going to eat all my goldfish after naps"? And it could go on for another 10 minutes if I don't close the door.
4.) Mommy, I need a sip of water. Then I give one, then it's Mommy that was to small, I need a big sip. Mommy that was too big, I need a tiny sip. That one turned into a HUGE tantrum today because I walked out on him after he did this for several minutes.

Please keep in mind, he has a VERY SMART brother who waits ever so quietly until I am about to walk out the room and then stands and yells, my turn mommy!!!

Today though, Christian just looked at him and said..."Be quiet Nicolas, I sleeping"! Enough said!!

Oh sweet little man. Your stalling ways make me laugh and at times I don't want you to stop them because I love those extra hugs, lullaby's, questions and your crazy collection of PJ mismatch outfits. It is so hard to discipline you because you have that sweet little way about you and hardly ever have tantrums but man when you do...WATCH OUT!! All fiery is let loose. They are getting smarter by the day and learning more and more techniques on working together as a team to get what they want from Mommy and Daddy! I often have to turn my face to keep them from seeing me laugh as it only instigates them more but it is just so darn cute the things they think of!!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Crappy Week

Yes, I should be in bed right now catching up on lack of sleep this week but I am just having one of those weeks where my mind can't settle over a lot of things. Won't blog about it, lets just say it's one of those crappy weeks we all face from time to time where shit hits the fan in a moments notice and your world turns upside down in different ways. Not being dramatic, just the reality of it. Dealing with the family both in the household and extended family. That is why I haven't posted since last Tuesday. Things are getting better and after tomorrow it will hopefully be near 100% better ( well not 100% but I can dream that some of my extended family will get their asses in gear). Not trying to leave anyone on a cliff hanger, just truly don't want to blog about all the details, especially knowing most of it WILL WORK OUT, I just needed to vent that its been a CRAPPY WEEK. Thank god for friends listening to me cry and calling to support every area of our life.

Okay- enough of that are some sweet photos of the boys that I had to get up to cheer myself up!! Can you believe they can go fishing, scooter riding and ARE POTTY TRAINED! Ken and I can not believe our little love bugs are growing way to fast! I hate that and we trying to enjoy every second with them and be present in the moment, especially more now than ever! Sorry...still showing photos over Xmas, I just have SO MANY!! Happy Weds to everyone!