Thursday, May 23, 2013

Starting Over!

I am officially going to start blogging again so that I can continue to create memories down the road and be able to cherish all these moments! I stopped blogging most of this year basically because I have been focusing most of my energies on work while the boys were at preschool everyday. They graduate VPK in 2 weeks and then they will officially be Kindergartner's!!! WHERE DID TIME GO!!! When I look back at this blog from 2-3 years ago I laugh so hard at all the changes and things we went through as parents of twins! Well, we will be entering a new chapter of our life because I have made the decision to home school the boys for Kindergarten and possibly 1st grade until we can get them into the small Christian school we want them to go to. It is deeply in our hearts for them to be there and we have been praying about it continuously, so this is where we are in our life. Thankfully, home school is so much more main streamed, especially here in Florida because the schools aren't the best here unfortunately. I am a little nervous but SO EXCITED! It seems a lot of our friends are doing this so that gives me the extra support I need and socialization.  But yes, I am back to blogging- yes! yes! yes!!!