Monday, July 16, 2012

Preschool Learning

I have been missing in action for several reasons...mainly boys have been out of preschool since June 5th so I have been trying to really absorb all the fun and explore different things we can do the past 6  weeks because my little babies are going to be in school EVERYDAY next year from 9-12 which causes me anxiety just thinking about it.  On the otherside of it, I get nutz alittle without a break!!  However, I am going to miss all the little things we do in the mornings and over the past 4 years of their sweet little life.  I try to remind myself, especially during their whining attacks and fighting over toys that put me over the edge!! 

  They still take naps so I am hoping a few of those days we will skip naps depending on how tired they are so we can go have afternoon fun once school starts! I know I will also love the break but 5 days!! Holy much for mommy away from me!!  I only have 5 more weeks left and I want to incorporate "some" structured learning to get them ready for the basics of their school (the 4 year old class). Last summer I wanted to spend alittle time teaching them the basics of what to expect when started school and I am now starting it again. Things such as circle time (sit on mat while I read 3 short books: one on a verse from kids bible, something fun and something like opposites/numbers..etc.) calendar charts, numbers/ counting /,  cutting  and site words without cramming it down their throats as well as creative playing. I think it helped them last year be less anxious when school started and I think it made it easier for them to learn. Now don't, get me wrong..I do this in small chunks of time because I would be rather out doing activities out of the house. So I wanted to post a few ideas for my friends that were asking about ideas. I know they probably look lame but the boys love it.  I just took the basics and expanded on it.
This one I but a number, a shape, let them count it then stick something to each shape.
This one I printed 2 shapes and they had to pick out the shape as well as category of colors (light blue / dark blue). I think it also helps with patterns..not sure.

This one we do casually at meals. They play it as a game. I made site words and numbers, they can pick it and say what it is. We make it a game to see who gets the most (not sure if that is great with competition with twins..yikes). Then we shuffle the cards they get and I do speed guessing of the cards. They love that one because we do silly faces with each one. I just put them all over my center piece of my table.

This one is dexterity and creativity.  I ask them what 4 things they want me to draw and cut out. I draw between the wavy lines. Then I have them cut along the wavy lines to get to the photo. Then I cut out the photo I drew for them. I make it tricky so they have to cut different ways to get to the photo. 

If you have any other ideas let me know!!!!