Monday, November 30, 2009

Cutest Boys Ever

The boys are officially 19 months!
I feel so blessed for every part of our life this year ( yes...cheesy and I am always tired) but it seems like this year has been so happy and I have so much to be grateful for, especially with Ken and my boys ! Each day keeps getting better and better. We had the best Thanksgiving ( other than really missing my dad) and we were able to share it with both sides of the family at our house this year. Boys loved seeing all their family! I love starting new traditions with the boys! As you can see below...boys are getting ready for the cooler weather!


IChillin after breakfast watching a Baby Einstein Video.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dancing Boys

I turned on Beyonce song " All the Single Ladies" and Christian and Nicolas got so excited! unfortunately it came out blurry so I don't know if you can see all the little funny shoulder shrugs and facial dance moves. I hate my camera!!!

Trains and Fishing

Ken was bummed he was not the first to take Christian fishing. I was able to take Christian on the train and go "fishing" with him ( Nicolas had some time with Ken). Having only one with me was SO EASY and I could stay focused!!!

Facial Expressions

Sometimes, when I capture these little facial says it all!

Nicolas so proud that he climbed up the couch and and counter himself!

Best Buddies! Christian so MAD at me that I have the camera and not him!Boys trying to figure out how the sticks got from the tree!
Say Cheese!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Dominant Twin

Is it really true that there is always a dominant twin? These guys seem to take on that role and go back and forth week to week. However, with language I noticed that Christian wants to say everything first...well...should I say just talks or tries non stop. When you ask them what something is or a question such as what sound does the pig make...he always jumps the gun! I have been working with trying to let Nicolas speak first... but can't figure out how to teach Christian to wait a second...any suggestions? Nicolas doesn't seem to mind and follows his lead or sometimes just smiles that his brother has answered. I do work with Nicolas if I get alone time. We took a survey recently at dinner that I had with other twin moms and we all found that the child that was born second seems to be more dominant ( Christian). Strange!!! I pretty much have only identified it more recently with language.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Twin Climbing at 18 months

I haven't posted in awhile because these little guys have gotten so active and have really been keeping me on my toes! Well, last night the boys really mastered climbing! I know we have been very fortunate that it has not occurred until they were 18 months but let me just say "THANK-GOODNESS" it just started! Today was NUTS!! As I was walking into our family room from the kitchen- taking about 5 minutes to warm up their lunch, I caught Christian jumping on one couch and Nicolas was up on the same couch - crawled over the end table and as I walked in- was making his way over to the other couch! This has been going on all day. Trying to discipline two at once is insane. They see each other, laugh and then make their move! Over and over. I think I got the biggest workout of my life today. I even fell asleep with them this morning at their morning nap and we all slept for 2 hours! I thought that maybe they would forget they learned this last night- no way!! They are so excited about it! Wish me luck for the next few days (but it fun to see them so excited and laughing - makes it is hard not to laugh and discipline). More photos to come!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pumpkin Fest Boys First Pony Ride

We went several pumpkin festivals/patches this year with the boys. It was so much fun - kind of odd going to a "fall tradition" in hot Florida but we lucked out at one with cool weather. Below is the pumpkin hunt (like egg hunt) which was funny because the pumpkins were so small and were basically hidden on top of the grass. They were plastic and about 1 inch. The other photos are of Hunsaders Farm. This was the first time they rode the horses. I can't believe how blessed I am that these two little guys are my beautiful sons!

The great Pumpkin Hunt ( Like an Egg Hunt but with little pumpkins).