Tuesday, July 26, 2011


M.A.J.O.R meltdown yesterday in public!! This sweet little man was not on his "A" game when I took the boys to get their hair cut. Typically, they love it and have never cried or fussed when getting clipped. I knew it probably wouldn't last long since it was over a lolly pop that the hairdresser told the boys they would get after their haircuts. Now why the hell would you tell them before? Needless to say, we left with one hair cut for Nicolas and Christian looked like Jack Nicholson from the movie "Shining" with his hair crazy and an insane look in his eye. It wouldn't have been bad if I didn't get the "What is wrong with your kid" look from two other moms and the hair dressers who I was about to give a piece of my mind and yell "WHAT ARE YOUR KIDS PERFECT"?? I always encourage my friends with kids, who cares what other moms think or the stink eye you get when your kid have meltdowns so I don't know why I let it bother me? Probably because the mom looked all clean, neat, put together, while I looked haggard with my hair all crazy, no makeup and wearing my beach cover up since we were going swimming after. The cool thing is I cut his hair myself after dinner and it came out great, even gave him a little trendy spike in the front. I filled one of my life time dreams of being a hairdresser last night (well other than being a rock singer), I was in my glory snipping his hair!! A good haircut and savings of $12.00 ~ not to shabby!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Date Night!

Finally...Ken and I went on a date! Now for most of you, it probably is not a big deal but Ken and I figured out it had been more than 3- 5 months! When we have the opportunity, usually I am so exhausted I would rather order out and watch a movie here but being out really made me realize how important it is to get out! I drank one of those 5 hour energy shots, which I have never had and boy did I have the energy...more than enough..actually too much. It was like I had hyper focus, as I zipped around the house like a lunatic. I think I did more that afternoon than I normally do in a week. It was a day I felt like I accomplished so much and checked everything off the list. Yes, I am a list person. It is a huge joke in this house because I have lists for everything. I even at times AFTER I have done something, if it wasn't on the list I have to add to the list to cross off! Crazy right? Okay, got off the topic here. It was such a rare treat to get out, we had to take a photo and we decided after a great night, we are going to do this several times a month. Thanks Grandma for watching the boys!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Let Me Add A Few More...

I had to just add a few more things about today from my last post a few minutes ago:

1.) I broke the news to the boys that the TV broke and Nicolas said "Oh boy, better call the cable guy"... no idea where that came from. Then Christian said, "No, Daddy can fix it, he is Mr. Fix-er Guy.

2.) I realized that as I as walking through my house, it looks like a shaken, shattered snow globe from our glitter shell project, even Rocky has glitter on him.

3.) Competition between them is pretty heavy - I picked Nicolas up out of bed first and he looked at Christian and sang " Mommy got me first, mommy got me first, mommy got me first Christian".

4.) Lastly, when you have toddlers, you can never sneak a snack in like a cookie or lemonade, you always get busted when crouched down so they won't see, then they always want you to share it! I don't want to share my cookie or my lemonade!!

18 Things About Today


1.) Today, I let the boys dress however they wanted.

2.) Today, I caught up with two of my best friends (V and B ) and we exchanged stories of our "motherhood" day and concluded motherhood is CRAZY TOWN, whether you work or stay at home...we all go through the insane toddler moments. Today..they made me laugh which felt so good!

3.) Today, our big flat screen TV broke (found out when I went to relax during nap time to watch my favorite show and it will not turn on). Can you say Mommy tantrum.

4.) Today, Nicolas had the king of all tantrums over a book.

Today, the boys and I jumped on the bed just because (well, I didn't jump - just guarded the sides of bed).

5.) Today, Nicolas told me I didn't understand and was not listening to him ( during his meltdown).

6.) Today, they told me the letter "P" is for Poop, Pig, Puke, Pumpkin, Princess and Purple. Gotta love how Poop was the first word.

7.) Today, Christian woke up at 6am whining.."Mommy"(but in a slow whining, Ma..Me..) over and over then became cheerful and sang like a bird when he got up.

8.) Today, the boys and I played pilot and had to fly around the room while I was Mr. Cucumber, Nicolas was the Mr. Giant Tomato and Christian was "Captain Pilot".

9.) Today, we stayed in our PJ's until 12:00 on a rainy day (I am still in them).

10.)Today, I realized how much I can get down without the TV but how weird it feels not to have it.

11.) Today, we made glitter shells and penguins.

12.) Today, I have 2 resumes to write but sit here and write this instead.

13.) Today, I don't know what I am going to do without a TV while I cook dinner. I do not feel like cooking dinner.

14.) Today, it is one of those days when I am living in the moment and happy to be able to stay home even during this mornings tantrums.

15.) Today, I didn't care that Christian is still sucking his pacifier, it calms him down when all hell breaks out.

16.) Today, I had to clean up a ripped "pull up nighttime diaper" because Rocky our dog went to town on it.

17.) Today, when the boys locked me out of my bedroom, they worked as a team as one was locking one door, the other ran to the bathroom and locked that so I couldn't get them.

18.) Today, I can't wait to see the boys greet Ken coming home. A few nights ago I was able to snap a shot of how happy they are when they see their dad.

Wouldn't it be cool if we were all greeted this way when we walked into a room.

Working on sorting things

Christian's choice...(clearly annoyed I am snapping his photo)

Christian hanging out while I do dishes on the other side

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

3 Year Olds!

The past month has been kind of crazy, hence lack of blogging. My gram passed away which has broken and left a hole in my heart. I am still trying to live by my motto "enjoy each day to the fullest" my last conversation with my gram. Sometimes this is so easy to do, other days...well not so easy. Boys have been doing so many new and exciting things but they are really showing how head strong they are. I thought the terrible 2's were a challenge....NOTHING compared to the strong wills of 3 year old twins, especially when they work together as a team! Nicolas has sprouted into a giant it seems over night (including his sassy talk back to me). He loves to always tell me "No-Way", when I ask him to do something.

Nicolas was looking at himself in the mirror and very seriously said: "Mom please cut my hair". I asked him why and he said: "Because I don't like it curly or long, I want a trim - PLEASE TRIM IT MOM"!

Christian this week during a tantrum said: "Stop Mom..you are NOT listening". Then he proceeded to have a meltdown and all of sudden very seriously said: "May I have a tissue for my eyes". I couldn't help but start laughing at the kid.

Nicolas and DaddyBoys having a conversation with Aunt Maura

Boys wanting to be right by Great GrandpaNicolas can't help but to hug Grandpa- however he leaped into Grandpa, good thing he was sitting.

Christian wanting to take a"pretend" snooze...Nicolas not letting him and wanting him to play, play play

A Good Game Of Hide and Seek With Grandma...