Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Two Weeks From Hell ~ Seriously

I am not going to sugar coat the past two weeks. So please don't read this if you don't want to hear a Mommy Venting about everything of the insanity of our household and my crazy brain working on overdrive!

Day 1 : Christian got admitted at the last moment overnight at the hospital for another test.

My little man had to have a tube in his nose, down his throat with two probes tracing his reflux acid for 24 hours. He woke up from Anesthesia with two freaking boards on his arms, Iv taped up under board and tube in his nose. Seeing him first get the IV was awful, have him taken away from me for the procedure, then seeing him so uncomfortable was unbearable. I WILL BLOG ON THIS WHOLE THING LATER THIS WEEK AND HIS RESULTS. BUT, all is good now!

Day 2: Still no sleep for going on 35 hours. Up all night at hospital with my sweet Christian. He came home with a nasty cold, probably from something we did last week but he is so sick.

Day 3: I am a total ZOMBIE from past two days. Christen has perked up alittle so since I have to finish planning a baby shower for next Friday we go quickly to Target. As we were going in a rather "Large woman" walks by us and Christen decides to yell " Mommy..HUGE" and points to the lady. He says it dramatically with his hands spread open. I AM MORTIFIED, Oh Lord! I walk as fast as I can and then explain to him, he can't say things like that about people. Innocently he says " Why"? He is learning about big and small, tall and short- normal things you teach a two year old, but I was not expecting that!
Then..Ken comes home with a SORE throat and I am thinking...oh no...please no.

Day 4 - 6: Missed Doctors call on Christian's results. Have to wait to Monday. Ken is sick- in bed sick all weekend, normally wouldn't be a big deal but after a week of not much sleep, emotionally drained from hospital, a sick little boy, no help, I am starting to freak alittle. This was also the weekend I needed to do alot of things to catch up as company is coming to town in a few days. (I get on a huge manic cleaning kick right before people come to stay overnight).

Day 7: Nicolas sick. Ken is sick but Christian is coming around. Oh wait...did I say I also got 4 resumes and a cover letter in the past two days ( normally fabulous, feeling blessed) but not today. FREAKING out how can I do this all? I know I will have to work every night this week after kids go to bed, after long days with sick kids. Ken back to work- no help. No word from Doctor.

Day 8 - 10: Working every night on my resumes, after taking care of sick kids, planning a baby shower for tomorrow, making my "cleaning" list which gets me a little manic. Starting to feel like I am catching a cold. Call doctor and they want me to come in to go over everything on Christian. I am so confused why did the doctor call in the first place last week? I am ready to drive up there and DEMAND the results. Oh... got bit my a monstrous red ant on my arm and then stuck with a bougainvillea thorn. Thumb swelled up and I couldn't bend!!! What the Freeg is going on!!!

Oh...on a side note as I am out shopping today... a lady stops me and says the most stupid thing. Her: "Are they twins"? Me: "Yes" - no time to chit chat. Her: "Fraternal or Identical"? Me: (In my mind)- Lady shut the F - up (sorry if that offends you but that is exactly what I thought), I am in a rush and I am so tired and frankly tired of the stupid questions after two years, why do you care if they are identical? But what I say nicely is " Yes". Then she says the STUPID PART: "My neighbor had twin boys and she went Crazy. She went really crazy when her boys were 2 and she had to leave for a few weeks to get help for herself" WHAT..WHY WOULD YOU EVEN SAY THAT TO ME! After the week I am having, all I really wanted to slap her and run her over with my stroller. Evil mommy coming out.

Day 11: Company comes to town for a "Boys" weekend. Ken took our boys to pick up at the airport so I had three hours for free time?? What free time: had to clean, finish up shower arrangements, and get ready myself. Yes..it takes me 25 minutes alone to blow dry my hair straight and I was determined to look decent for the baby shower. But, it rained and my hair did the natural "Fro /Frizz" after all that work. But the baby shower was a smash hit and I am so happy to hang with the girls and have some down time.

Day 12: Wake up - my sore throat kicks in overdrive! Aghh! I can't complain or back down on activities because this "boys weekend" has been planned for months and I wanted the guys to have a blast. Knowing I have to take care of the kids tonight and tomorrow all day ( they went to a football game) I am feeling defeated. No help and having twins when your sick is a nightmare. Guys come home late, loud and very happy - resulting in me waking up telling them to Quiet down..(but I didn't say in so many nice words). My happy pills are not working tonight.

Day 13: Ken back to work and I am dying. Seriously..I thought I was going to fall asleep on the kids. Thankfully, they were better but I was dragging. Why is it when the mom is sick, it is during the week when you have to push through it but when a husband gets sick its the weekend? Fate? Strengh of a woman? You answer that one.
PLUS I AM FREAKING OUT STILL NO WORD ON CHRISTIAN. Going tomorrow though. Another resume to work on this week at night. Relieved Ken's mom is back in town!

Day 14: Christians results are in and he is okay! I can breath!! Sore throat is still killing me and I still have to pack up all the boys stuff for tomorrow because I am going to a Moms Bible study and they are going to be 2 hours without me for the first time! Why am I going when I feel like crap? Because I missed the first two weeks and feel like a loser for skipping another. Would you like to hear my crazy thoughts on leaving the kids tomorrow:

What if the room is too cold they are in?
What if when they go outside there is not enough shade and Christians head burns?
What if there are ants outside in the mulch?
What if they have yucky diapers and the care givers don't smell it?
oh and so many more thoughts....

I was about to pick up the phone and call my girlfriend about all these thoughts as she always can laugh with me about it without judgement. Then Ken said the funniest thing to me: "Oh Lord, don't call your friends with these thoughts honey, do you want to torture them with the insanity of my world?" At that point I just started to laugh! For many reasons. For how this week has been. How God seems to never give you more than you can handle and lastly for good friends. I said to him.."Don't you know by now, these are my friends...they know the insanity of my thoughts...they get it and are as insane as me..that's why we are friends"!! If they couldn't handle it, they wouldn't be my friends. So...thanks to all my friends for listening to this vent session!! And I know it's going to be a better week!! Have you ever had two weeks like this? If you are a mom, I know you have! Let me hear about it!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Christian, Christian!

It's been a rough week for my little man Christian. For those that don't know Christian has had stomach/intestinal problems since he was born and he has slowly had more symptoms over the past 6 months which has been a struggle getting him to drink and eat. He goes through these periods where he is super cranky because he is uncomfortable. After a terrible week, his specialist moved up his endoscopy to Tuesday and is going to take some biopsies. Christian is such a trooper and full of life, even when I can tell he is uncomfortable. He is going to be put under and we are confident they will finally find out what is causing this. Aghh, I hate this and we just want my little funny man to be better. So here's to you my little man....and my hope is that every person that reads this will say a quick prayer for him on Tuesday- that it goes easily for him. I know he will be fine, I just want him to be comfortable through it.

Could We Get More Comfortable?

I think the boys got comfy, cozy in every position while drawing together. We even found them in my closet (please excuse the mess in my closet- I just thought it was to cute not to show).