Thursday, June 27, 2013

Graduation Day!

I can't believe these little men are now going into Kindergarten and that it is summer already! We have all had so many mixed emotions of not seeing our buddies at school and teachers everyday. Seeing their graduation was so cute and I kept flash forwarding to 13 years, and I am just so happy we decided to home school to hold onto this time in their life a little longer. The insanity has already began with the boys fighting, the house being a mess but I am going to try again this summer to really focus on these guys and not worry about all the daily distractions that can easily consume me. It's going to be a summer of the beach, pool, friends, family, golf camps, karate, ice cream and hopefully lots of fun, as long as I can get this fighting between them to CEASE!  Here are a few photo's of the past few weeks.  

Hopefully a summer of rainbows, like this one that Christian is under and didn't even know it!
This was such a cute thing the boys teacher Ms. Keri did for each child. She had each classmate write what they liked best about the child. It was fun seeing what they thought about Nicolas and Christian!

A photo of them on the last day of school,  holding a photo of their first day! You can really see how much they have grown!

Graduation Ceremony for Pre-Kindergardeners
First Day of Golf Camp!
Have our rain boots on to go jump in some puddles