Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lolly Pops ~ My New Best Friend!

I haven't been able to blog much because there has just been so many new things happening in the "Hughes" household! I keep hoping I will blog about each thing but each day gets by me before I know it. So here are a few highlights of our household!

1.) Boys still are thankfully sleeping in their cribs. They are taking about 2 hour naps still in the afternoon, some days 3 hours..HOWEVER over the past week or so we have had many days that naps have only been a hour or so. Oh Lordy....naps can't be shortening yet! Please!

2.) Boys are working on being Potty trained. I think if Ken and I put in 100% effort they would be, but we are waiting until after our trip to NY/Boston this month to finish up. Hopefully, by January they will be potty trained. They still are using their pacifier's when sleeping and car only. So as you can see...we have big changes coming up next month!

3.) The boys started a Mommy's Morning Out /Preschool - 2 Days a Week for 3 hours. Yes.. 6 hours that I can get stuff done! I never thought the day would come (however usually I am working at home) but the idea of being able to run into the bank or grocery store without schlepping two kids, loading and unloading. I can't believe how fast I can get something done. Downside... they are ALWAYS sick with buggery noses and that is driving me insane!! Christian has a girlfriend..."Sara" who he is ALWAYS TALKING ABOUT and was devastated last week when she wasn't there.
4.) Probably my biggest news (that many of my friends have been hearing me process over the past year) is I got finally got my tubal ligation this week!!'s done. The recovery has sucked the past few days but it was a fairly easy process. It's so weird because now that it is done, there is something inside of me, as a woman, as a mom..thinking.....of no!! But, I can't think that way or go to that place of thought because I have been ready and known since the boys were born that we didn't want a bigger family. I have a huge sense of relief.

5.)Lolly Pops are my new best friends! The boys LOVE them and I use them for bribery! We have more peaceful days because of my good 'ol friend the Lolly Pop. Not as many tantrums and not as much whining! All I have to say is.. I LOVE YOU LOLLY POP.

6.) We got the Christmas Tree up successfully and they actually leave it alone! Last year, I had a gate around it and only hung two giant plastic balls. It looked so stupid.

7.) Boys talk full conversations - 8-9 word sentences. They love trucks, trains, books, dinosaurs and Elf on the Shelf! Which we have named our Elf "Chuckles".

8.) Last week as we were approaching a car accident, I was trying hard to distract them from seeing it and praying they wouldn't see it. prayer was answered (not in a way that I thought) when another driver cut me off and I yelled "YOU DICK"! I never say that word so I don't know why it even came out of my mouth. Christian QUICKLY picked up on that word (thankfully they were distracted from the accident) but then I had 1o minutes of "What did you say mommy? What was that word?" Repeating the word, over and over. I quickly and smoothly covered by saying.. " I said..LOOK AT THAT DIGGER" ! That's what all good mom's would do right - lie? Just kidding..only about bad words.

Well...that's an update...hopefully I will have more time to blog ( I have so many cute new photos), but between raising these little guys and now that work has been really busy, it seems there is never time!