Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Boys!

I can remember it like it was yesterday, when my precious little men came into our lives. This year it has hit me REALLY hard at how fast they are growing up and how fast time is flying by. I want to document everything from this year but I don't even know where to begin except to say: You little guys have brought me more joy this year then ever before, than ever imaginable. You filled a partial void that was in my heart to make it full and have made me such a better person through and through. My wish for both of you is that you continue through this life with happiness that you have now with the inner courage to get through any of life's challenges and a life of peace with god in the center of your heart. You are such SWEET boys and I know as you journey through this year we are going to have so much fun and do so many exciting things because every year gets better and better. This was "The best birthday, birthday party EVER" as one of your buddies shouted to everyone yesterday at the pool and I have to agree. I love you so much unconditionally and HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICOLAS AND CHRISTIAN!!

We did it!!! 4 Years old!! Your so big now boys!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


I meant to blog this vacation 2 months ago but I have no idea where time has gone. Since this vacation in Orlando, my sister came into town last week for Easter with her 4 boys. Talk about CRAZY TOWN of 6 boys in one location but we already miss them like crazy and hate they live so far away . Right now at this age, it is definitely getting easier to take them on trips by myself which I am really enjoying and look forward to doing it throughout the summer visiting my Aunt in Orlando. I am getting to love Orlando because of the the whole getting away, small vacation thing going on. So, I thought I would put some photos up of our vacation from Feb in Orlando with one of my oldest friends friends that I have known since 5th grade. We were there solo with our kids and spent a week with her sweet little kiddos- full of good times and lots of laughs. You would think being with 4 kids at once was insane but ironically somehow it was not and was blissful. Yes, did I really say Blissful??
I think the funniest part of the whole trip was the fact we kept looking at each other saying " Are we seriously moms" thinking of all the crazy, irresponsible shit we have done during our youth AND not so youth. It was nice because we didn't have to leave the resort (meaning no loading and unloading the kids, scrambling to get out the door). Lots of swimming, mini golf and chill time. We will all have one forever memory of the trip- my child had the BIGGEST MELTDOWN EVER! "King of Kings" here. I am talking leaving you with shaky hands ! I think I could write a whole blog on that one! Let me tell you, as your kids get older, the MELTDOWNS get bigger! One of the fabulous little "tricky" things I did outside of the MELTDOWN was tell all the kids that to go in the "lazy river" we have to be QUIET and just float. Yep, they all listened to this, o we SPENT a lot of quiet time floating in the lazy river. It was hysterical to see them floating. Since I can not figure out how to blog anymore with tags above the photo's here are a few things we did:

Pet a alligator

Went to Dinosaur World on our way home (LAME) to break up the trip

Lots of Mini Golf (with 3/4 year olds you can get through a game in 10 minutes because they all bang it out at once)
Walks (boys thinking the sprouts of water in lakes a whale or trying to determine).
Lazy River- most important because RELAXING.
Here is a photo of Bradyn and Christian with a gator