Sunday, May 16, 2010

Some Wild Hair

I am starting off with a normal happy photo of Nicolas when he is being tickled or laughing. This is so the next set of photos don't scare you ! I couldn't resist taking these hilarious snap shots and blogging about his hair because it was so crazy - he looked like Jack Nicolson from the horror movie "The Shining". His nick name is Ticolas -Nicolas because he is usually smiling, sweet and has this great distinctive laugh.
Actually, Nicolas is often cranky if he doesn't sleep his two hours and is like a bear waking up from a long winter's sleep until he has his snack and drink. He is so much like me when it comes to waking up - I hate it until I get my cup of java flowing! He is also like me in the sense he has some SERIOUS WILD HAIR when he wakes up!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Christian The Next Famous Contortionist ?

Isn't this just plain weird!! The other day I walked into the living room and watched Christian do this random movement several times. I immediately busted into laughter and thought : could Christian be the next famous contortionist?? I asked him what he was doing. He simply looked at me and said "Swinging Like a Monkey"!! Of course- why didn't I know that?

Phase 1 - lifts his legs in air while balancing on table
(look at that determination in his face)
Phase 2 - He gets his belly off ( man, he is straining)
Final Phase -And..the back goes into a arch - he really arches his back but I couldn't get the photo at the right angle to capture the true flexibility!
An example of the random things a kid can do! And the imagination!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Home Sweet Florida

Putting sunblock on 2 year olds kind of sucks - no just sucks. During the "Battle of the Sunblock" this morning, I had that one moment of "I hate summer's in Florida - Dear Lord do I have to go through this every day this summer?" I quickly changed my tune once I got outside. How could I have even thought that word hate about Florida? Many of my friends and family have a nickname for me : "Mayor of Florida" because I always try to recruit them to live here. Yes, most days in the summer I wish I had a "climate control" box around my head (mainly to stop the frizz) but when I am outside near the water and I see the palm trees and sunshine - I know Florida rocks (well..other than the huge weird bugs and the grass). Today we went to Marina Jacks and we played in the splash/water park on the bay. We met up with a few of my girlfriends that have twins ( the boys have known these guys since they were 5 months old and we try to get together each week - thank god for these ladies)! In my opinion it was one of the best play dates we had. The boys loved hanging out with their buddies and it was actually relaxing.

On top of a great morning, the boys have been blissfully sleeping for 2 hours-The Battle of the Sunblock was worth it! Only 4 more months to go - Home Sweet Florida!
Nicolas and Christian waiting for their buddies to come up from the park to eat lunch.
Me and the boys!
All of us having lunch- a cool picnic table with 4 sides- how perfect!Christian taking the opportunity to not obey the rules of sitting while I am snapping a photo.Deseray - Cayden and ChaseSusy - Nate and JakeTanya - Davin and GavinCayden and Chase enjoying the seagulls and boats

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Best Things About Having Twins!

My little buddies turned two last week. This birthday was very emotional for me to see them turn two because they are growing so fast and I actually got to enjoy this year - where the first year was a complete whirl wind haze. I have been so emotional about it this year and hence the reason I haven't put any photos up yet on their 2nd birthday because every time I open the photo folder I get so emotional. I promise- they are coming up soon, as well as Nicolas's first trip to Boston and Easter! I am in the mood today to just write all the great things about having twins.
Do I have to say much more than this photo in itself!
Look at that true love.
  • You get double the love on everything. When they wake up in the morning, I have two boys running to be to give me a great big hug.

  • We get double the kisses good night.

  • You always feel like a rock star when you go out, not only did you accomplish the task but people love to acknowledge the boys and engage in conversation. Everyone talks to them which they love! I used to hate that when they were first born, but now I love it!

  • We are part of an amazing twin community that you feel so connected to as they share all the special things that come with having two children at the same age. Support, advice and lots of friends. Last week we had "joint party" with some of my mom friend who have twins and there were 5 moms/10 kids. Four of us had the boys and girls in the same week- at the same hospital! Being in a household of 10 kids laughing, eating and playing together and sharing it with amazing mothers, made me really appreciate and love my life.

  • I get to do everything twice but at the same time. Meaning ,that I don't have that age gap- of trying to balance two different developmental stages/ages. When one of my kids go to bed; the other does ; when one baths,the other does...etc.... I just do one thing more at the same time. Everyone always says to me: having twins must be really hard and sometimes I agree with them but then other times I think- not really I only have to do the hard parts once and I get two children now!

I get so much more exercise then I used to and I don't have to worry about what I eat anymore - ever since they started walking- the work out REALLY began.They have an instant friend in each other and enjoy (usually) playing and being together which would warm any parents heart. Especially when I think of the first time that they will go to school - they will have each other.

  • You get to see those awesome moments of them hugging and holding hands at the same age.
  • Everyone is so extra supportive of you and your family because you have twins ( maybe because they feel bad for me with the challenges and craziness or maybe just because it is so fun to be around two kids in the same developmental age).

  • You sleep like a hibernating bear at night!

Babies truly are a miracle of god and to be blessed with two at once and to be able to make it carrying two in pregnancy, birth and raising does it make you feel confident and feel deep inside you can handle the hard things that life sometimes throws at you. Even though I am the biggest complainer in the world, I truly believe in the old saying : " God will only give you what you can handle - I am glad he trusted me with two at once- yet sometimes I do feel like - "Why do you trust me so much and I wish you didn't think I could handle so much (not meaning the boys but meaning the challenges like potty training)!!!! I think the original quote comes from Mother Theresa.

Anyways, since I have been emotional (in a happy sense) I had to write that- but don't get me wrong, you have all read my insanity blogs that come with twins! I just wanted to finally write some of the fabulous things!! Here are a few photos of the best things about twins! You get two of these little angels :

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day came early for us this year!

With twin 2 year old boys, there are no surprises because they are excited to tell you about everything! What they did, what they saw, what happened. Yesterday Ken took the boys to BJ's to get some much needed household supplies. When they came back I casually asked Nicolas (like I normally do) where did you go?
Nicolas responded: "get mommy book". It never dawned on me that they were going shopping for me and I forgot that this is the age when they start telling you anything you ask them!!! Hooray, I love this age!
I said: "Really....did you buy something for mommy"? He said "". When Ken came in the house I just smiled and said- did you go shopping for me? He looked at Nicolas who was smiling and pointing to the car saying "Mommy book..da da...get ma ma book". By book, Nicolas was thinking of the cards they got me! He wouldn't let up until Ken went out and got the cards- so Mothers Day came a day early this year!!! I love that kids tell you everything!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms, grandma and great grandmas!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Twin Potty Training Is Gods True Sense of Humor!

Someone needs to write a book solely on potty training twin boys! I have read, researched, talked to twin moms about potty training but NOTHING equipped me for what happened this morning for my little guys first "official" day of potty training. I wasn't even planning on doing this for a few months but Nicolas pretty much demanded it today.

You are probably can a two year old demand to start potty training? Well, he went seven times without me asking him- he pulled down his pants and just said - mommy potty! we go racing towards their pottys ( that I already had set up..because ALL the books say to set them up to get them "used" to seeing it).

I ran after them..fully not prepared what was going to happen. I didn't have rewards set up (like all the books say), I didn't have the books to read to them (like all the books say to have), I didn't have the Clorox wipes and I didn't have their clean diapers/wipes. Oh dear this your sense of humor? Okay, I can do this, I have twins, I have dealt with harder things...right???
Nicolas: Wanted all his clothes off, went potty immediately and was so proud.

Christian: Sat on it, got bored pretty quick, especially when I mentioned they were going to get stickers for going potty. Christian looked at me like .. "What a sticker? Are you kidding me? I get them all the time" the next thing I know, Christian is high tailing it out of the room without a diaper.

Oh crap... another quick "twin" decision to make. Why didn't I shut the doors? Do I help Nicolas clean up and pray he doesn't dump his potty or do I chase Christian so he doesn't pee in the house? Thinking I made the right decision, I stayed with Nicolas thinking it would be only a second or two and you guessed it.. Christian "proudly" went potty on my carpet and had to show me!! My poor disgusting closet.
While Christian was showing me his fabulous moment in the closet, Nicolas takes off without a diaper. THINK FAST JODY! Run...get him... but it was like my brain was frozen. I am not prepared for this. Jody, run. Go get two diapers and get your kids! Now they both think its a game and run in two different directions as I am trying to just catch them. It's only 9 am and I am beat!

1 hour later it starts all over. They are both on potty. I have my stickers and diapers, this isn't going to be so bad. Nicolas goes potty - yipee and Christian just looks at me.. smiles and takes off again! Shoot - why didn't I shut the bedroom door again? How did I forgot the door again? I am praising Nicolas and begging him to stay there because I need to go get Christian. Christian quickly made the loop around our house and peed again on the tile floor. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME -you peed on the floor- why, you were just on the potty!!! This is happening so fast. This is so gross. I jump up and of course, no Clorox wipes, I grab Christian and quickly put his diaper on. I am putting his diaper on Nicolas takes apart the potty and dumps it on the tile floor. AGHHH!

The next time I have an "ingenious" idea.. I will give them chocolate if they both stayed on the potty and go. Now... all the books say " DO NOT GIVE REWARD" if they do not go. Do these authors have twins ? I promised myself, I would still try to follow all the research - no reward if you don't go. Do they realize that the one who does not get the reward will have a knock down, world shattering tantrum that results in a HORRIBLE morning? Christian, didn't go but insisted he still get his chocolate. INSISTED. I knew I couldn't give in.. could I??? He had a complete melt down! It got so bad that Nicolas looked at me and said " Mommy Chocolate..Christian potty". Even Nicolas was routing for his brother to get chocolate. I explained have to go on the potty to get chocolate! Oh my lord, please tell me you have a sense of humor up there and that you will let this be it for the day...please..please I pray.

My prayers must of worked because after lunch, I finally came up with an idea. Why not give two rewards! One for trying and a different one for going! Why didn't anyone write that before? So now I am fully equipped and I have the diapers, chocolate, stickers, Clorox wipes, books and all the doors locked. Hey, if you have two kids going at once, why not two rewards? Good news Nicolas went potty seven times so far today and Christian once ( well 4 times if you count the floors)! I am still praying someone will come up with a written manual (step by step) on how to successfully potty train boys! I am exhausted, tired and probably burned enough calories chasing them to lose 5 lbs and its only day one!