Monday, September 23, 2013

Kindegarten Ideas

A lot of these I got off Pinterest but followed nicely with what we were working on. Site Words are huge and we have been doing them for probably about 6-7 months now but slowly until this summer where we really bumped up after talking to my sister in Boston on what she was doing with her son Peter who is the same age as the boys. Our goal was to be up to 50 words by the end of summer but through fun activities and play. One thing I did was take parts of the newspaper (and their preschool teacher did this too) and had them highlight certain site words. They loved this!

Today we took a "Thor super hero hammer" and smashed site word I called out. Boy did they love that one!
This is a sweet prayer that is easy for kids to use when they are learning prayers and can use their hand to remember. Boys love this one and do it more at night.

I let them play teacher a lot to stump each other in Math, however it backfires sometimes and they end up fighting. GRRRRR

This one was cool I got off Pinterest for learning time. It was perfect because I was a crank ass on this raining Monday morning and I loved doing the Grouchy Lady Bugs voice when reading. Which made the boys laugh and stay engaged.

Then I had the boys, make little clocks and a big clock and we had to match it to the animal in the book that the lady bug found. Then the important part was I also made them write the word out for which bug and color the bug. It shows me we still really have to work on writing our little letters!

On the big clo

 We started senses today which they pretty much know but since they have to work on their writing skills, I would call out one of the words below on the sheet and they would have to write which sense it was under the Senses photo, then I let them try to sound out that word and cross it off on the bottom. All and all, a good "morning" with school but afternoon turned into wild Mayhem (another story).

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