Monday, September 23, 2013

Busy Boys!

Some of these photos are what really got me to homeschool when I saw how small of a snapshot of time we have with our little guys in their life! Especially these first 3 photo's there VPK teacher made for me for Mother's day! They were great ideas but really put it into perspective for me on all the things I used to do with them throughout the day as their teacher when they were ages 0-4/5 and how this year was so important to continue that healthy sweet foundation of prayer, morals and just pure love.  We have so much more time now with family, relaxing and being productive when it is time to get down to work.

My Favorite Flower Pots Ms. Keri made of boys for each year of their life.

UNO With The Family and Getting to see them more without rushing to get them in bed for school the next day.

A great game of SPOT IT where Grandma (83 years of age and Nic 5) beat me and my aunt!

Ice Cream with the family on a Sunday night!

More Sports with their buddy Todd!

Field Trips - Movies and Museums

 Rock Star Status! This kid love creating inventions and making things out of what we have to reach his goal. This one - A rocking Drummer! Ear plugs and all!

Learning Chest and loving it.

 Searching for bugs!

 Making sure we see our friends that go to different schools!

Learning All About Friends and What it Means to Be a good friend!


Late campouts with Grandma and thankfully, no worries about getting up early!

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  1. So sweet! You know if you start homeschooling now through high school, you spend the amount of 6 YEARS more with your children then if they were away everyday at school!